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See, hear and speak no evil (about items people are selling on Ebay)?

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Over the past decade I've dropped a LOT of money on the latest and greatest new "TI-TOYS", some items were great AT THE TIME, but have now been replaced by even better things.  The thing is, some of those items are now a total waste of money and I would steer people away from them (if it were up to me).  But it seems that there is a speak no evil philosophy in the retro community that can prevent newbies from getting the most bang for their buck.  Yeah, I know collectors will pay for anything to put on a shelf to collect dust, but if there is one item that costs the same if not less and does more and has essentially "taken over", wouldn't be a good thing to steer people in that direction instead of letting them waste money on an obsolete item that is really no longer supported?

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