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A Good Player on a Bad Team- the Ted Tahquechi Interview

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Silverback from the Atari Network and Funkmaster V (Vinnie Vineyard) interview a "big wig" from the Atari Jaguar era. He was a senior producer (project manager) on many original games for the Jaguar, Lynx, and even the 5200 and 7800 as well. There's a lot of insightful information about the waning Atari years in this interview, with info about what they did both right and wrong. Jon and I are going to talk to him again b/c he wants to talk more about Atari Jaguar misconceptions.

Some of the games he lead while he worked for Atari were:
Dirty Larry, Gordo 106, Dino Dudes, Cybermorph, Iron Solider 1 and 2, Alien vs Predator, iWar, Kasumi Ninja, Tempest 2000 and more!

Every Atari 7800 Game Reviewed:

Watch Big N Funky's movies and paranormal TV:


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