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Hacking with Atari


Jaguar USB Tap: Wrapup

Posted by dgrubb , 23 January 2018 · 126 views

Busy month, but I'm elated to have, finally, nailed down the hardware design and have working firmware!   A few words on USB ...  In ye olde' days, such as when the Jaguar was developed, connections with the outside world were often turn-key and very simple. On the Jaguar controller, a selection of pins are used as address selectors and eac...


Jaguar USB Tap: The agony (of hardware bugs) and the ecstacy (of firmware)

Posted by dgrubb , 24 December 2017 · 149 views

Development environment  To start writing code for our STM32F07 series uC via an ST-Link programmer (embedded in a cheap Nucleo board, see previous entries) all we need are a few easy to obtain tools: a C compiler (although Rust is becoming more interesting as an embedded language), a debugger and a tool for handling communication with the uC over th...


Jaguar USB Tap: hardware update

Posted by dgrubb , 08 December 2017 · 78 views

My PCBs arrived today so I was able to solder together a prototype. No magic smoke! 
Next up: finishing the firmware ... 


Project: Jaguar USB Tap

Posted by dgrubb , 30 November 2017 · 114 views

Justification  In recent years the retro-gaming community has taken a revisionist view of the Atari Jaguar. What was once a console marred by failure is now more regularly being perceived as a missed opportunity. Rather than maintaining a reputation as a broken console the Jaguar is becoming more highly regarded as a technical innovator failed by a l...

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