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One strong synth for man, one strong sampler for mankind...

Clint Thompson


I've been in the hardware bug lately and can joyfully claim taking ownership of an amazing new (to me) keyboard:


The Roland S-50


It fascinates me, this once $2,695 sampling keyboard released in 1986 (a solid era for the Atari ST computers!), can now be found for as little as $100 in 2016. This thing is an absolute monster and definitely doesn't come without its own set of quirks. Just under 24-hours ago was this beast delivered to my doorstep but I powered it up and checked it's video output to ensure it was functioning as intended - beyond an intermittent display issue which I've yet to resolve - all seems well!


[stock Photo]


[My personal machine...]


[Look at this lovely bootup screen when attached to a TV monitor!]


[A look at some of the tech under the hood of this monstrosity!]


[Please Insert System Disk!] Compliance!


My next step is to create the actual bootup disk required to rock this thing and see how far I can take this incredible for its age, 30 years to be exact, technology. =)


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When I was in school, I had a Casio Sampling keyboard that I had a blast with.  I think it was an SK-5.  Well, looking on ebay...those things are just about the same price as this Roland you have.  I think you've found a great deal.  I need to look into getting one of these. 

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Thanks... I can't wait to actually use it, it'll hopefully prove to be a ton of fun! That Casio is so small! =) You should look up the DT100 digital tablet for the Roland S50 - I plugged my Atari Touch Tablet in and totally expect it to work exactly as those rare Roland branded versions!

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