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That explains it.

Wumperdinkle Sniy


So I've finally figured out why I was having so much trouble trying to get four characters in the Pokemon Mini display. As it turns out, I've been told I can't with the method I'm using. So I'll have to stick with three colors, which is okay with me. I got the bird gray instead of black, which was something I wanted to do.


So despite being stuck with three colors, I'm happy with the game's direction so far. What I'm trying to do is a Fast Food clone for the Pokemon Mini. So now that I learned I can just use three colors, I can now design the food with knowing some limits on what I can and can't do. One time, the bird mysteriously showed up at the extreme top off the screen when pressing up, which happened on some other thing I did, but I attempted to make it so it won't do that. So time (and testing) will tell if what I did works. I don't know why that would happen since it only moves up in the code when the up button is pressed.


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