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X vs. O

Wumperdinkle Sniy


I'm calling this minigame finished. This took a while to do. It's for the Odyssey² and it's part of a larger project that I need to think up of.

I like this a lot better. Stuff I changed yesterday:

  • got rid of the Cedar Games grid and replaced it with just text.
  • changed it so instead of changing the grid color, it now displays who won or if it was a tie.

Stuff I changed today.

  • made it so the main game will start with a fire press instead of pressing o on the keyboard.
  • fixed the title screen bug.

So now I will think of a project to go along with this. This doesn't mean that my Virtual Boy and Pokemon Mini projects are dead, I just like to hop from project to project so I don't get really bored with working on just one thing.


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