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X vs. O - the main game

Wumperdinkle Sniy


With the minigame completed, I thought I'd move on to the main game. After fiddling around with the grid lines with little success, I remembered I had attempted something similar before and it was better. So I put that code in the game.

After realizing I couldn't have random numbers be generated with this, I thought up of that code I saw for a random number generator. So someone was kind enough to "translate" it into 8048 assembly and I put it in the game and now I can have random numbers!


So I moved the scores to the top and had to put some more code in so the characters didn't flicker (they do that when I have too much going on on the screen. I didn't know I had that much going on) and I think I'm done for today. It's soo hot today. At least in my room it is. I call my room "the oven" because it's hotter than the rest of the house. And I think I'm ready to be done roasting (for now.)


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