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Someone cut down the trees.

Wumperdinkle Sniy


I did. I got rid of the trees in the main game to X Vs. O. The trees should have started small and get bigger. Since they were made of characters, I couldn't. So I took them out.

This should make collision detection a lot easier. I'll begin work on that tomorrow. Since the missiles don't touch the character when one begins firing one, all I have to do is detect which missile actually does touch a character. I'd need extra code to figure out which character it hit, but I don't need to since a hit to any character registers as a hit to all characters. So if X's missile (sprite 0) hit the O it'd register a hit. Likewise if the O missile (sprite 1) hit the X it'd register a hit. If X's missile was the one doing the hitting, I'd make it add points and stuff, and if O's missile was the one doing the hitting, I'd make it end the game. So while it SHOULD be fairly easy to do, you just never know with finicky Odyssey 2 consoles.

It's a lot like a jigsaw puzzle. If you don't put the pieces together like they should, the picture doesn't come into view. The problem is with programming this way, you don't know where the pieces should go, so it's sort of like a blind person trying to do a jigsaw puzzle. And the Odyssey 2 console is the guy telling you whether you did the puzzle right or not.



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