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Stupidman (NES)

Wumperdinkle Sniy


It was about a year ago when I last worked on this. I forgot a lot of stuff about NES programming. I had to relearn most of it. But I got the intro to level 6 partly done.


I thought it would be a shame if I didn't finish this game up since I only had a couple levels left to do, so I decided to pick this back up again. And I don't want to care about how people say if the game is crappy. At least it will be a FINISHED crappy game. So here's a breakdown of the Acts (I wanted to make this sort of like an interactive play of sorts, so I renamed the levels "acts".)

  1. going to the museum
  2. looking around the museum
  3. headed to the grocery store
  4. in the grocery store
  5. headed to Mr. Germ's hideout
  6. in Mr. Germ's hideout
  7. the epic battle.

I need sleep. So I'm going to sleep now.


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