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Spooky music

Wumperdinkle Sniy


So I worked a little bit on Stupidman this morning. I went to sleep at about 1 p.m. and woke up at around 1 a.m. today. I made some spooky music for walking around the hideout. And I made a map of what I want the hideout layout to look like.


One square represents a screen. I made it so no screen repeats itself. It's like a maze Stupidman has to go through. Even though there's already two smaller mazes Stupidman went through (the museum and the grocery store). The F represents where the final battle between Stupidman and Mr. Germ will take place. So hopefully this will be easier to program since I  programmed two similar levels.

Stupidman is armed with a soap-filled squirt gun, while Mr. Germ throws dirt at Stupidman. Stupidman has to shoot Mr. Germ a lot with the soap. Mr. Germ will grow smaller and smaller (so harder to hit) until Mr. Germ dies. I have the ending all planned out. And no, I won't tell what it is.

I want the final battle to be reminiscent of the one in Super Mario Land. And I will make a separate final battle song to play while you battle Mr. Germ.


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