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  1. Hello! I am new here and found this forum by searching for help on LCD replacement for roadblasters. I have owned 3 Atari system 1 machines and one of them has a bad monitor. I want to get the old RGB monitor out and use a VGA converter and replace the monitor tube. Couple questions - Looks like the old RGB connector into the tube would not work since the wire pinout order is different. So did you just cut the wires and re-solder them in that order. From bottom up Red, Green, Blue, Black and Brown. Other 2 wires V and H synch just leave out? - I assume all over plugs into the old monitor besides those 5 wires won’t be needed anymore. - How did you power the convertor and monitor just use an external power supply? - Also what monitor did you use? To fit in the machine. - Is it easy to adjust the monitor to fit? Picture and mounting - Is it possible to get a couple more pictures posted for reference? The more the better also would love some pictures of what wires go to the power switcher. Thank you and great work. I really enjoy Roadblasters and would like to give this machine some life. I wish my machine had a newer style power switcher. That may be my next project on this machine. I won’t be doing this for a bit, since the machine is not near me. But I am collecting the parts and info for when I dig into it in the next couple months. Also this is a great forum! Good stuff
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