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  1. Klax is one weird "stuff is falling" puzzle game with one of the strangest (lamest) tag lines in history: It's is the nineties, and there is time for KLAX."

    But this cerebral puzzle game was a completed, unreleased prototype that is pretty darn faithful to the arcade machine its based on. Read about all this jive in the review located:



    1. Justin


      Hands down one of my favorite and most fun unreleased original Atari 7800 games! 👌

    2. intellicolecovisonary


      Great game but the Atari 7800 version on cartridge is really hard to find. There are only 10 actual prototype copies known to exsist and the only cartridge reproduction releases were in small numbers from ResQsoft and V61. I am fortunate to have the V61 repro. The ROM is easy to find if you have a flash cart.


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