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  1. Join Co-hosts 7800 Pro Gamer from the Atari Network YouTube Channel and FunkmasterV from Big N Funky Productions (bignfunkyproductions.com) as they discuss everything new and exciting about Atari!  And maybe even some old stuff?  All presented by Atari7800forever.com your one stop shop for all the information about the Atari 7800!

    There are now multiple Atari 7800 games going for over 500 dollars on ebay and several more that are several hundred!  So is the 7800 a valuable collectors console now?  What affect does it have on the community?  Is it a good or bad thing?  Let's discuss!

    In other news you can get a free Atari VCS game!  Watch to learn the promocode!  And QOMP2 was released on February 20th, but is it worth picking up?  And did one of the guys get a review code from Atari?  Well yes one did but which one did and which one is butt hurt?

    We also had a Food Fight Culinary Combat Tournament so tune in for results and find out who is butt hurt over that!  Lots of butts hurting this week...

    The Atari Network Podcast airs every other Friday at 730PM Eastern Standard Time, 430 Pacific!  Make sure you join us in 2 weeks for the next one, and watch the Man vs 7800 stream on the opposite weeks of the podcast!  Its on Atari Network, every other Saturday (opposite the podcast) at 10AM!


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