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Is this the start of a new video revolution?


Netflix has now made at least three (and maybe more) shows that are only available through it's streaming service. Lillehammer, House of Cards, and Orange is the new Black.


Of these, I have watched HOC and OITNB. HOC was fantastic. I ended up watching both seasons in about a week and a half. OITNB is good so far, but not nearly as gripping as HOC was.


I read over the weekend where Netflix is going to have a talkshow that's only available on instant streaming. Is this the next video revolution? Or has it already begun and I'm just old...


- MM


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I haven't seen Orange Is The New Black, but I've watched both seasons of House Of Cards and Lilyhammer.


House Of Cards was just fantastic. It's absolutely HBO-level stuff. Every time I get the feeling the show is starting to sputter they kick it into another gear. In my opinion it's the best show on Netflix.


I watched Lilyhammer because I was a Sopranos fan. It's a foreign show and worth watching if you enjoyed the Sopranos and are up for a humorous reunion. Otherwise, I'm not sure what I'd make of it. Seems like if you can't view it as a continuation of The Sopranos then it might not mean much to you.


Chelsea Handler is huge on E! and I'm sure she'll make an interesting addition to Netflix. I'm curious to see how that all works out.


One show you forgot to mention was the continuation of Arrested Development! That was one of my favorite shows ever, but I felt like Season 4 fell flat. I get the feeling this is what a show would look like if they didn't have to prune them down to 22 mins and cut out all of the superfluous nonsense.

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