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Hi everybody,


I very recently got plugged into this site and, as a longtime, oldbrew, middle-age+ Atari 2600 fan(atic), this forum feels like home.

About as much an open-gated Yellow Castle as can be.

I'm a proud member of the Retroist site. Another warm-hearted place to be and express personal remembrances of good nostalgia.


Yeah, as a human, I live in Eastern Canada, as a bilingual freelance translator.

Have keyboard, but will not travel (home is were the VCS is).


eh, maybe some day I'll board a train, visit some good online never-seen friends, solve an onboard murder mystery while doing so, eat scones and drink tea (maple tea, cuz I be Canadian).


But, as an Adventure Square avatar, I slay dragons, get eaten by them (regularly), get my stuff stolen, run after flying thief to get said-stuff back, unlock gates, lock 'em up behind me, get the Magical Chalice to finally (finally) put it in its rightful place on the Yellow Castle mantle, wake up to find it gone again (seriously, wtf?).

And that's just a regular day.


You can find some musings of this lifestyle on my Twitter (yeah, gotta get with the times):


@Adventure Square


(trying out the Twitter editing function here, so apologies if a cyber-crack melts the web in case of failure)


So, again, back to the human living in a human world part.

Got into the 2600 as my intro into home gaming. It was mainly that one ad with a pic of the console, controllers and a terrifc tall stack of color-matched cart boxes reaching to the Heavens.

It was a two-page ad, but seemed as big as the world itself cuz, man, I lost it right there.




Seeing the colorful array of games, the promising gamefield layouts, the sleek machine (yeah, it has four-switches here, go figure)...all of this was thrilling enough.

But all those titles? It made the imagination run away with self-programming notions - how would would these premises be converted to proper gameplay?

I *had* to find out. Be a part of this new breed.


Would show this ad silently, reverently, to my folks, who smiled agreeably at first, then quizzically later on.

Must've thought I'd gone loopy. but once Christmas arrived with Dat Box neatly wrapped (for just a sec) under the tree, I knew they got the message (and wouldn't have to send me off to the looney bin).


That was '78 (I think). It was the six-switch woodgrain, which I have to this day. Even kept the box. Minor miracle at that, but I was using it to stash cart boxes inside so have them as well.

Never looked back. Been an avid gamer ever since.

Even after hopping to Colecovision, C64, Nintendo, the Coleco Adam (*sigh*) and later, good ol' 386 technology, I've only ever had one system that made everything better.


Lots more to say about that period. Really truly looking forward to hearing your thoughts and experiences of video-gaming in those days.


I'll leave it at that for now.




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Welcome! I'm glad you found your way to our little nostalgic island on the interwebs.


I'm a proud member of the Retroist site. Another warm-hearted place to be and express personal remembrances of good nostalgia.

We love the Retroist too! I'm glad that the site comes across as "a warm-hearted place to be" to express personal remembrances of good nostalgia, that's exactly the sort of vibe we're trying to keep alive here.


Welcome to the forums AAS!!

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