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  1. Terrific new edit, indeed! Although it could've used Carlos' stirring soundtrack to greater effect, imho. Shows what a great imagionation can bring to a classic movie like this. Would've been great to see Disney put out a trailer like this when Legacy came out, even if just for us original fans. Better late than never, in any case. Also I now gotta rewatch this fave! Thanks Row!
  2. Lotsa cool memories. In particular, thinking back on those mall arcades years, the scent of burning circuits as dauber mentioned was also unforgettable to me and forever linked to those moments walking into a roomful of pixelated discoveries. I remember trying to describe it to people years later and stopping halfway as trying to explain the nostalgia contained within those lost aromas was nearly impossible. Kind of a 'you had to be there' thing. And I do believe we were glad we were.
  3. It's an interesting (and inevitable) invention. Hopefully it can service the ROMs correctly and offer proper emulation of each system (look and feel). Yeah, 50-60$ is a proper price range for this.
  4. This fascinating article from Ars Technica talks about the inception of Ms Pac-Man from the technical side of things. http://arstechnica.com/gaming/2016/03/post-mortem-ms-pac-man-diablo-dissected-by-their-original-devs/ Great pics of Crazy Otto concepts and fly-on-the-wall talk of chips, boards and the legal hammer bearing down on the imitative approach to creating the next arade hit. Also goes into Diablo which, as a 'young' 20-year-old game, fits the neo-retro category. And also makes me feel hella old. Hope you enjoy
  5. Y'know how a book cover can inspire strong recollections of a good read? Seeing these front covers proudly displayed side-by-side on your site recalls the hours, days, months spent rapt in the gamezones their carts provided. Such good feels. And good job scanning these! The manuals were integral to the immersion. Definitions of the blips' intents were required to understand the setting. But once this was done, our imaginations rolled with it. And how. Each of em makes me wanna play their game. Now.
  6. This is a terrific thread that gets to the thumping heart of my inner gamer. I truly enjoy reading your gaming origins, as the grown manchild I am knows that back then we were experiencing the craze at the same time and I found it hard to get my buddies to rave about arcades and home video games. It soon devolved into jokes and school days chats. But there was always that...something...beyond the pixels - the very existence of it - that made me a believer. So this forum - and fellow retro sites - are best thing ever to that neverending gamer life. That said, my first 'awakening' of interactive game machines happened on a regular basis at our local pharmacy - less than a minute's walk from my family's apartment. It was this mechanical game where you controlled a helicopter spinning across a plastic terrain, touching posts along the way. I musta been...4?...5 years old? Had to stand on a stool to play it. My dad got a kick out of watching me successfully light up the posts. I got a kick out of those moments. The game was Whirly Bird: http://www.arcade-museum.com/game_detail.php?game_id=6548 A lotta pinballs with those electric dials in many diners and restaurants and garages on the Trans-Canada highway, along the way. Then the dust settled with a lifetime's worth of 70s TV, as an older kid who got sick a lot and got to stay home and watch Carson. So when the Atari 2600 emerged into TV commercials and those Electronic Games magazines I had started to get, it was love at first sight. The thing about the 2600 is that the basic look of it reminds of the mechanical origins of those first, old arcade gems like the 'Plinko-ish' baseball games, that whirly bird, the odd nickel games which would flash its bulbs randomly behind a bezelled result like a Yes/No Zoltar-ish thing (mebbe I dreamed those up). So the VCS was a combination of those old games I had played back when we were traveling as a familt unit but no longer. And it also merged with this wonderful idiot-box companion I stared at most of the day (and now would get to obey me by clutching a stick in its direction!). It was truly the best of both worlds. Sure, there were other consoles after that: the occasional Intellivision unit rentals (Rental time-limit made me appreciate its offerings, but the subsequent Imagic titles we tried on it made me sorry we weren't rich enough to buy one). This would earn second place for being of the same generation - and me being of that age of initial wonderment. Had a Colecovision, which was gifted to me cuz I like video games, and even though there were fun moments on it (beating Miner 2049er on it is tops) I kinda mostly played to make the giver feel good about it. Impressive console. Truly and undeniably. On retrospect, it is unique and would never say a bad thing about it. Mebbe those controllers killed the mood, most times. Got an NES, at a point where I was growing out of it (mebbe in an effort to keep me as a child and not grow up - wasn't gonna happen). Played two things on it: Double Dragon (hella fun! Some of the best co-op with my best gamer bud) and The Legend of Zelda. This was more than a regular game, played it well into the night, its soothing music creating an atmosphere of comfort unmatched since. The game wasn't mine, had to give it back eventually. This whole experience made me appreciate my ownership of the VCS and its own quiet realm of aural zen space. So yeah, as usual, I can't stop typing about stuff I love. Thanks again to this site for giving us a space to do so.
  7. I would think with some decent floaty physics for the 2600, this could work quite well, as the console nearly always adapted then-complex titles by character definition with singular color, some clever pixel sculpting on that sprite block, and faithful control schemes. Really, at the core of my love and respect for the VCS is the ingenuity shown by programmers in making a desired title work on this clever little machine. Once the easily-adaptable arcade games like Space Invaders and Night Driver had proven the console's worth as a living room fixture, we gamers were hankering for more. And the allure of popular arcade titles made the transition an obligation, so when Asteroids crossed the boundary between sleek vectorized futuristic visions of tomorrow's gaming (cuz vector games were to our hungry pixel eyes what Art Deco was to modern design - This is The Future) into the blocky world of Gaming-At-Your-Fingertips few-bitted reality, we knew anything was possible. Add to that the stunned respect that has to be thrown at the highly-clever and successful 2600 port of Defender, the high-octane, nerve-racking success that dominated the aural space of any arcade, and I know for a fact we could see Bubble Bobble burst onto the scene as if it was destined to be there. But yeah, some clever person has to write it up. With the sprites and the music and the sheer thrill of it, we're off to a good start!
  8. Sweet deal. Congrats on taking in an abandoned 7800 into your home! The garage sales around here should be starting soon. Here, people stick announcements to electric posts a month in advance because it's all duplexes and triplexes and sidewalks and alleys. No space, no time to walk n' stop. With the phone-in-hand walk nowadays, hardly looking up. In the town where I grew up for a while, there are now by-laws whereas you need a permit to make a garage sale and only on certain days, a few times per year. On the upside, you can get in your car and drive around to find sales at every other house. I digress. Keep us updated on the gametime status of your haul, Row. Curious about the 7800 experience.
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