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  1. Great find, and great cart art on these! Imagic basic design gets a pass cuz those colors give me a retro tingle at the cool gameplay memories of all owned titles.
  2. Given my long-running love of this tasty product, it's not surprising I'd look it up and find one of its root commercial from the early 70s, where my other addiction - Television - was starting to kick in and dropped me into this conceptually-pleasing candy formula, much like the accidental alchemy in this output:
  3. Watched episode 3 of the new series and I could not have imagined a better follow-up to a longtime pending cliffhanger. Everybody involved with this show is amazing.
  4. Agreed! Twin Peaks is one of the best television series ever! I was around when it launched and - having been intrigued by David Lynch's dreamzone output - I taped it to watch later. Turns out to have been the best decision I could make, as that weird and wonderful experience of the pilot would be a place I'd jump back into over and over again. I continued to tape the series, which aired while I was at work, (only to find out the show had been pre-empted on one evening for football and I missed one!) and would dive into its mad logic in the wee hours of the night. I mention recording the show because these tapes would become treasure, as years later, I introduced some good friends to the series and we'd talk endlessly about the journey it took us on. The mystery itself was great, but somehow you could feel the resolve was not the endpoint. By the time that llama stopped and stared at Coop, you were sold on wherever this show would go. I was one of the sorely disappointed viewers who watched that 2nd season cliffhanger knowing the show had been cancelled. Nonetheless, I appreciated Lynch and his dreamscape and returned to it over and over again. This third season...I barely have words for how great and inspiring it is to see Lynch return to form, get his hands dirty and lead us all back into a world beyond logic, where nightmares and angels co-exist, where we can lose ourselves once again to this soothing madness that feels so right. It's the best thing ever! And now I wanna dive back into Lynch's work and appreciate his genius all over again. Fire Walk With Me just gets better with time - and those lost scenes add spice to the mix. The new show feels like we being reintroduced to Eraserhead, Mulholland Drive, Blue Velvet and all of Lynch's dreams. Not as an imitation, but as an epic homage to this long, strange and exciting trip we've been on with his work. eh, I feel I'm repeating myself. But I don't know that many Lynch fans anymore. Seems with older generations (even from back then) that appreciation of strangeness has been lost or is worrisome. It's so cool to have this thread right here for this purpose! Thanks Justin! And I'd really love to hear what everyone thinks of the new show, the original show, any of his movies for that matter. Don't let talks of 2nd season disappointments turn you away. It was never about the plot. It's all in the journey. And what a ride it's been! And we're getting a new road trip back to these roots as a reward for sticking around! Neat-o!
  5. Oh, so true about Tempest! A VR experience in that frenzied 'comin at'ya!'style would be terrific. I remember the Battlezone periscope as my first VR experience. And it would still hold up today in its original vector format. PS VR has a version of it - all colorful and busy. I dunno, I'll reserve judgement for when I try it out. And indeed, Row, TRON has had a steady trickle of follow-up games throughout the years. Maybe the shortened quick-play games aren't eneough for me, and the long-form XBox and PS3 ones...I just haven't played them enough, as the initial neat design wasn't followed by immersive, TRON-inspired gameplay. Or maybe I have to jump back into it after a rewatch of the movies and TV series. I still like that arcade port on XBox 360, but I miss the original controllers.
  6. Wow! I didn't think as a grown cube I'd still be into stickers - but these look great! I'd also prefer not to change the look of the original INTV carts, but there's a whole world out there waiting for a old-school gaming screen to randomly pop onto surfaces!
  7. I had a great time with Duke Nukem 3D, as it added some nice touches to the interstices of my gaming time on Doom wads filling my monitor with cool but somewhat repetitive 2D hellscapes. I looked up this series as I knew a new one had come out recently, and was surprised to find that 13 DN titles exists! So technically, the series is as alive as it's ever been. Although the poor ratings for most of these (and the jump from one platform to the next) ensured obscurity in the long run. As for series additions, I'd be curious to see what could be done today with Dragon's Lair, or its conceptual Don Bluth style of storytelling. Even though I never mastered it (one you'd seen someone do a full playthrough at the arcade, you got your reward anyway) it's a cool approach to gaming. You could say Telltale Games took it to the next level, though, with actual episodic adventures from favorite franchises filled with dialogue branches and action set-pieces in a FMV setting. I'd also love to see TRON get continuous gaming support love and title releases on a regular basis.
  8. Terrific new edit, indeed! Although it could've used Carlos' stirring soundtrack to greater effect, imho. Shows what a great imagionation can bring to a classic movie like this. Would've been great to see Disney put out a trailer like this when Legacy came out, even if just for us original fans. Better late than never, in any case. Also I now gotta rewatch this fave! Thanks Row!
  9. Qix seemed rather low-profile when it first appeared at my favorite big city mall arcade. Its look and sounds made more of an impression than the gameplay itself...at first. Loved the game, but it was one of many at that arcade, and coins were few. I stopped by that place with my dad maybe once a month, or less, as I traveled to this home city of mine whenever he had business there. After maybe the second time playing it, the game strategy became enticing, as it was unique in a sea of fun copycat driving, asteroiding, earthbound-shooting, galactic-shooting, maze-wandering titles all around. To this day, it stands alone as a conquering territory in a sparse electrosonic sparky kind-of-way. I'd love to try out the 5200 version someday. If it's even half as good as the original, you can't go wrong!
  10. Simply terrific, Row! Yeah, you gotta go dashing onwards with acquired skills and a heartful of desire to get what you want in the great maze of life. That Chalice dream ain't gonna put itself off the home castle walls! Insert Game Czar cart and Power On!
  11. Watched Beverly Hills Cop this week. I think Pinchot broke out and was discovered in that small role as a major comedy character actor and went on to Perfect Strangers shortly after. It's good to see them like this, today. True, there were some fun, goofy TV comedies on those days.
  12. Ah Rick, you earwormed this into my head! Yeah, I know that feeling as well, Kid. Been doing a work beat that, while steady, takes up all the social space as those precious few hours at home are spent way too fast to seemingly stop and smell the burning cabinet chips. Indeed, breaks are welcome and moments to share our retro gamer perceptions even moreso.
  13. Just wonderful! It's always tremendously cool to see cart boxes displayed alongside the mothership. You get a good sense of history (and Things To Come, back then) when a kiosk is brought to life like this.
  14. I can see the value of having interest - years after the fact - of collecting this bit of unsavory third-party 2600 titles. I mean, it's definitely a collector's item, objectively speaking. But personally, I share the feelings of most commenters in this thread as not favoring its presence around my console. I'd hate to engage in discussion about its historical arrival with coda of actual gameplay, so just plain talk is nicer. Also, I remember seeing ads for it in VG mags when they came about, and possibly even an article. It seemed astonishing but maybe also inevitable, given the home gaming consoles were as much an adult's party toy as kids' 24/7 gameplay option. Everybody thought interactive TV games were fun and cool (and they still are to this day!). But these were full-on gimmick games that - when tried out decades later in ROM format - proved to be idiotic and derivative as expected. I mean, you could forgive undercooked but inoffensive titles like Lost Luggage, somewhat (C+ for effort). But these x-rated games were sexist and mean, and Custer was racist, to boot, as Row mentioned. They simply did not live up to the noble existence of these gaming machines, which greeted us kids after school, kept us company and brought us together and made us hopeful for the future, as tech now seemed fun and innovative as the bits could turn into anything...just not rejected Hustler cartoons, please. Yeah, all in all, I was relieved these lurid attempts at cashing in on the VG trend went nowhere, even at that time. And they're ultimately just a footnote in this wonderful console's otherwise proud history.
  15. Lotsa cool memories. In particular, thinking back on those mall arcades years, the scent of burning circuits as dauber mentioned was also unforgettable to me and forever linked to those moments walking into a roomful of pixelated discoveries. I remember trying to describe it to people years later and stopping halfway as trying to explain the nostalgia contained within those lost aromas was nearly impossible. Kind of a 'you had to be there' thing. And I do believe we were glad we were.
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