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  1. Terrific new edit, indeed! Although it could've used Carlos' stirring soundtrack to greater effect, imho. Shows what a great imagionation can bring to a classic movie like this. Would've been great to see Disney put out a trailer like this when Legacy came out, even if just for us original fans. Better late than never, in any case. Also I now gotta rewatch this fave! Thanks Row!
  2. It's an interesting (and inevitable) invention. Hopefully it can service the ROMs correctly and offer proper emulation of each system (look and feel). Yeah, 50-60$ is a proper price range for this.
  3. Y'know how a book cover can inspire strong recollections of a good read? Seeing these front covers proudly displayed side-by-side on your site recalls the hours, days, months spent rapt in the gamezones their carts provided. Such good feels. And good job scanning these! The manuals were integral to the immersion. Definitions of the blips' intents were required to understand the setting. But once this was done, our imaginations rolled with it. And how. Each of em makes me wanna play their game. Now.
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