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Megaoids for Atari 8-bit


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Megaoids is a cartridge game for the Atari 8-bit computer.

Some technical information concerning the controllers: Since the Atari 8-bit is not plug and play through the joystick ports, you will need to select the controller by pressing option when at the title screen. Pressing Option will cycle through the different controllers. You will need to plug in the controller before pressing start. This applies to both versions of Megaoids.

We put out two versions of the Megaoids cartridge with an earlier edition stating "Trackball/Driving." This will only work with the Indy 500 Controllers, only works with a specific model of trackball . This was because I received conflicting reports that someone made a trackball that uses the "Gray Code" and assumed that was how all the models worked. The CX-80 model uses the bits differently, so the first edition will not work properly with the Trackball. If your trackball has a joystick mode, use that instead. 


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