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Summer Vacation Memories

The Professor

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Summer is coming to an end! What are some of your best Summer Vacation memories, either from growing up, or from this past summer?


Summer has always been my favorite season. My best memories are of long road trips, late nights, and traveling with my family and my handy Lynx  :ph34r:


I'd like to encourage ALL of you to share whatever Summer Vacation memories and photos you're most fond of, even if it was just last week!


- The Professor





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One of my favorite summer memories is getting a 2600 for my birthday. School had only been out a week or two when I got it. My friends and I played it all summer long. I mowed lawns and did chores around the neighborhood, collected cans to recycle, and saved up money so that every few weeks I could go to Sears or Childrens Palace and get another game. That summer was dominated by Space Invaders and lemonade.

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