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MXT Telnet client for TI-99/4A


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I mentioned this in another topic, but wanted to post here as well.  I modified the TI-99/4A 40 column version of Mass Transfer (MXT) so that it would use the TIPI.  With it, one could connect to telnet servers.  In another topic here for Telnet BBS's, I list those BBS's that I am currently aware that support the TI-99/4A.

With Mass Transfer, you can download files from these BBS's and save those files to any device, including a TIPI.  For users that may have minimal equipment, a TI-99/4A with a sidecar TIPI with either 32K or SAMS memory setup, this opens many doors to using software from the 80's and 90's.

Users that may not have a TIPI, but that may have a setup with a RS232, then another cheaper option may be to acquire a WiModem232 from https://www.cbmstuff.com .  This allows you to use a RS232 interface, but the WiModem232 serves as the telnet interface.  Basically, if you are familiar with terminal emulators, your dialing string changes from ATDT(phonenumber) to ATDT (website URL) like ATDTFusionbbs.ddns.net,9640 which would connect you to the Fusion BBS on port 9640.

If I had my preference, the TIPI route is the way to go.  On my PI that is interfaced to the TIPI, I have around 128 GB's (that's gigabytes) of storage for TI files.  That would be equivalent to over 1.4 million 90K floppy diskettes.





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