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Colorizing .IMG images on an Atari MegaSTE Computer…

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Hey, guys,

I have a question that seems pretty technical. I used MiGraph TouchUp to scan a panoramic image of a skyline I drew in four parts. This was scanned on an Atari 1040STE computer. Here's what I want to do. I now use an Atari MegaSTE computer, and I want to colorize the .IMG images. But, they are gray-scale. Question: how do I convert the .IMG file to color in another program, and what program do I use? TouchUp only works in gray-scale. What other apps for the ST can read .IMG images? If anyone knows here, I would be truly grateful.

Here are the apps at my disposal:

  • Batteries Inc. DEGAS & DEGAS Elite
  • Epyx Art & Film Director
  • Atari HyperPaint 2
  • Rainbird Advanced OCP Art Program
  • NeoChrome
  • MiGraph TouchUp
  • Spectrum 512

Could any of these read .IMG files, or do I need another app? Thanks. :O)

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