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  1. These look like prototypes. Interesting.
  2. Hey, folks, I am looking for information on how to run Cyber Studio Stereo CAD-3D and CyberPaint. I have these programs for the Atari ST and a MegaSTE computer to run them with. Does anyone know how to use them? I know they have tutorials with the apps on how to use them, but I like to hear what others have to say about running them. People who have experience running them and know how to use them who can give me tips on how to use them. It seems pretty complicated compared to newer modeling and animation programs like Sculptris and Blender. Any information and/or advice would be helpful. Thanks! :O)
  3. Interesting find, Duckie25. Interesting labels, too. Fascinating. Are these prototypes?
  4. Impressive starship collection. Interesting stuff. I wish I had copies of some of those die-cast ships for my own. That's OK, though. I am a Star Trek aficionado, as I watch it almost every night. Free TV is great for watching Star Trek since it is on H&I and MeTV. But, I collect mainly Atari stuff. Although, I do have the Star Trek game for A2600 and A5200. Fun game to play. :O)
  5. You're welcome, Gianna. It truly is funny. :O)
  6. Yes, it is an adventure collecting Jaguar games, for sure. Glad you found a Jag. :O)
  7. I once went to a video store to buy some video games they had for sale. I noticed they had "Track & Field," for the A2600. I went to get some money to buy it. When I got back, it was gone. Someone beat me to the punch. I was disappointed, but I persevered with other games in my collection. It would have been great for my personal collection. Bummer.
  8. I looked at the video, and I was wrong. It uses VGA And HDMI. It is just at the flip of a switch. So, it does utilize VGA. My bad. :O)
  9. The channel is Retro Revolutions. I just searched for it and found it.
  10. Speaking of the Lynx, someone consolized the Lynx to run on a TV. It was originally a Lynx II unit that was rebuilt into an A2600 shell with the innards taken out. This is on YouTube. It was a three-part video walkthrough on how to do it. Very thorough, actually. It didn't even use the VGA add-on one can put on the Lynx. It was built from scratch. I wish I still had the link. But, if you search for "Consolized Atari Lynx," you should be able to find it.
  11. You know, just thinking, why hasn't someone devised an add-on for the Lynx to play A2600 games? The chips in the Lynx and A2600 are close cousins. It may not even need emulation to run the carts. An engineer that understands the 6502, 6507, MARIA, and 65C816 chipsets should not have much of a problem designing that. One could design an adapter for not only the A2600, but 5200, XE and 7800 as well. It would be glorious. All those game then compatible with the Lynx would make that adapter sell big time. :O)
  12. OpenEmu is a godsend, for sure. I have used it and love it. :O)
  13. True. It is more cost-effective. Yeah, the pandemic is a disaster for the market for sure. Still, I would love to see more hardware options for older machines. I know they are getting manufactured, but there is this chip shortage until about at least 2023. I am a proponent of emulation, don't get me wrong, but I love the real hardware experience, too. I think if real hardware can't be used, then emulation is the viable option. But, I think we should go back and do more reverse-engineering of the real hardware and try to preserve that technology using modern options. If it is infeasible, then use emulation. Or, you could have a combination of both, and there is. Let's just say I like both options.
  14. Emulation is a good thing, granted. I use emulators for certain games. Unfortunately, it isn't perfect 100% of the time. I would love to see improvements in speed of emulation. Don't think of me as a opponent of emulation. Really, I do support it for one thing: preservation of older machines. Machines can wear out, but emulators take that threat away because you can use just about any computer that has an emulator on it to play games. However, real hardware is faster. There should be more study of the older hardware to see if it can be reproduced as exactly as possible with current technology. This is so it can be reverse-engineered and people will know how to manufacture this stuff with better technology. I like emulation, don't get me wrong. I think it's really cool. But, sometimes it gets used too often. So, we have to be careful we don't forget the real technology in behind the creation of the emulators, and in many ways we already might have. So, emulation is something I am all for. But, engineers need to study the real hardware, too. I think that both real and emulated hardware could go hand-in-hand. Then, we would know more.
  15. It must have been difficult to find those last three boxes on the bottom of the screen, especially for "Fire Fly." that is a very rare game. The box, rarer I am sure. :O)
  16. What about a file cabinet? One could be used to store magazines, couldn't it? I have one for other things, but I am sure that could be a viable option. :O)
  17. Thanks for the information. I will check this out. :O)
  18. Sorry to hear about your brother. My condolences. :O(
  19. You're welcome, Omega. Happy to oblige, of course. :O)
  20. I agree about a video on the FMV demos on the Atarimax UltimateSD cart. I didn't know that they were experimenting with that on the A5200. I have heard they were on the A2600, though. It was Dragon's Lair and Bad Apple put on the A2600. It was highly compressed, but it worked. I would love to see a video about those FMV experiments on the A5200. If you can find one, anyway. I seem to have zero luck in finding anything on the Net. I might not be looking hard enough, though. Thanks. :O)
  21. Yes, Venture Reloaded is a modest improvement. I like playing it because it is so much closer to the arcade version. It even sounds more like it. Very good conversion. :O)
  22. You know, I like the site upgrade. It's looking better. I am sure the fruit issue will be corrected, but actually I thought that was part of the upgrade process by compressing it. I didn't think much about it. It's getting there, and I like the results. :O)
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