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  1. I think it was May of 1980, wasn't it? I would be six that later that year.
  2. It reminds me of the time Mt. St. Helens erupted. Soot carried over to my area of the country then. Now, I remember that, and I was about five years old then. I will be forty-six in a couple of weeks. My girlfriend wasn't even born yet during the 1980 eruption. She was born over a year later in October of 1981.
  3. Here in the Upper Midwest, it gets hazy from the fires. But, we don't have any other fires here to worry about. It's bad, I know. I can see the brevity of the situation if the soot carries all the way over to my side of the country. They must be fires of Biblical proportions.
  4. Nintendo had a good port of Marble Madness as well, before the Genesis. In my opinion it was good. It was spot-on with the layout. The arcade was harder, though. Of course.
  5. Seriously, though, the arcade version is the best. Hands down!
  6. I have CC for the A2600, XE and ST. I love the A2600 version, but I think that the closer to the arcade it gets in the later versions, the better. It truly is a "gem." Pun intended! :O)
  7. Hey guys! I have a question. Does anybody have info on which businesses repair Atari Jaguar base and CD units? Best Electronics could. I have also heard of Dragon's Hoard Gaming in Texas and eStarLand in Washington DC that can also do it. Console5 sells capacitors for the Jag base and CD units. But, even with that, parts in general for these systems are getting scarce because the systems are scarce. I was wondering of other places besides these places that can repair the things in the United States. This is just in case of the possibility of when I need repairs. Thanks and have a happy! :O)
  8. Happy Labor Day, Gianna. I hope that you enjoyed yours as well. :O)
  9. That was Casper and the Angels. It definitely was Hanna-Barbera.
  10. They are going to mandate masks in Minnesota Saturday, according to Minnesota Governor Timothy Walz. It could be considered a petty misdemeanor if you are without one. One could be fined up to $1,000.00 if not wearing a mask. I guess they mandated it in thirty other states. Maybe it will work. I hope so.
  11. I found Wall-E. I will not spoil it for you by telling you where he is. Thanks. :O)
  12. I have every major Atari game system released, over 400 games, and a MegaSTE computer. I agree about the ports of certain game for certain systems. There have been ST ports for the Jaguar. But, they look exactly like the ST versions. That is because they are. The A5200 was really a 400/800 Atari computer. The carts were bigger for the A5200 to show that they were set apart from other systems at the time. It did not fare well because they were too incompatible for the other Atari system at the time, the A2600. I think they should have made the cart port the same size as the A2600, which is something they tried to rectify in the A7800, and mostly did. However, some A2600 games were still incompatible with the A7800. Unfortunately.
  13. There are six drive-in theaters left in Minnesota. In the 1950s, there were over eighty. Well, let's hope that they make a comeback. :O)
  14. It is still there! The Vali-Hi drive-in theater. It is east of Saint Paul in a town called Lake Elmo, Minnesota. Cool! I thought that it was closed down. I am happy. :O)
  15. It will take time, but eventually a vaccine with proven method should be produced.
  16. The Russians are progressing in making a vaccine, and they have seventy million doses already for use, half their population. It is experimental, but can produce immunity.
  17. Gee. That's a putt! The closest one to my house, if it is still there, would be forty or fifty miles away.
  18. I last went to the drive-in in 1982. We saw "Bambi" there. I have not been to one since. They are mostly closed since then in my area.
  19. It's a great idea because it is easier to socially distance that way.
  20. Well, drive-in movie theaters are making somewhat of a comeback. I forgot about that. Great idea. :O)
  21. That was what I was thinking, too. I would recommend a rubber eraser like on a pencil. But, not too much, as they can be abrasive. Thanks for letting me share.
  22. Since I rarely go out to the movies anyway, I think that I would stay mostly home and stream. However, I am not above going to a movie theater either. I might do a little of both. I still worry about COVID-19, so if I did go out I would definitely take a mask with me. I would encourage my friends to do the same. Safety first, and I live carefully. :O)
  23. I wonder if something is sticking to make that happen. But, you said the buttons were fine. Interesting.
  24. I can't get close to MY high score either. I feel for us.
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