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Hello Everybody,


I actually forgot to post this, with it been the first digital publication I designed and created based on the unsung hero the "Atari 8-bit range" and have finally got around to posting it. I run a small You Tube Channel under the name of Flashback Gamer which has lots of classic atari related videos and have been loving Atari Since 1979, and especially a big fan of the Atari 8-bit range of computers, this was my childhood system and have been waiting over 25yrs to create a digital magazine based purely on the Atari 8-bits, and now it has happen, I felt I needed to let all the great folks here on Atari IO know properly about it and wanted to share with you all the fruits of my labour, I am the sole Creator of this publication from design, layout, some articles and advertisments (re-made especially for Atari Gamer Magazine) from the English Software Advert to the Atari Mania (as without them) this would of been a huge struggle to produce, so I had to honor them in the magazine and kept as best to the original style of 1980's as I could as possible, This magazine consists over 60 Game reviews, Homebrew reviews and Interviews and more....







Please ignore the web address above as this no longer exists. It is WWW.atarigamer.co.uk


Please take the time to watch my Video preview



Atari Gamer as mentioned is something I've been wanting to do for some time was to honor and celebrate a machine that more or less never gets any awareness or exposure so I personally set out to change that and needed something of an inspiration to create a proper magazine which will both let readers see these computers in a different light, read about the great games created for it and hopefully learn something along the way too. plus some real diamonds in the ruff type articles never disclosed before and some nice homages and surprises along the way too across about 74 pages or so.








So when is it out you say?, it is available in digital form NOW!!


How much will it cost?, for on its intial release it will cost £2.99 to motovate future Atari related products and is available in high resolution PDF download perfectly suited for any Tablet devices and desktop computer.


I hope you enjoy the preview adverts above and ask yourself "Have you Played Atari Today?"


So what to expect in this Collector's Magazine :)


up first the Atari 8-bit Trivia pages, lots of little hidden fun facts about Atari and the English developers of the time.


Atari 8-Bit Trivia



next, a glimpse of the fabulous Atari 8-bit game review layouts, this is a huge part of Atari Gamer and has lots and lots of reviews to keep you happy :)


Atari 8-bit Game Review Layout



So if you all like what you see, please visit the Website Atari Gamer for infomation about it :)


All the best


Darren Doyle

Chief Editor & Creator

Atari Gamer Magazine.


We are hoping to run an actual physical copy of the magazine, which is been trial ran in Germany at the moment and if successful we will start shipping it world wide, more soon. Also to mention for those you purchased the magazine above, this is not a second issue, rather just a promotional post for those who missed it the first time around.

Unofficial Atari: a Visual History



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I am very proud to annonce that Atari Gamer Magazine is now availible in a very limited run , here are some details from the distributor of the physical release of the magazine.


Hallo community,

this is Markus of PRO ( C ) ATARI Magazine and I can announce here a special project:

Do you already know about ATARI GAMER XL/XE Game Review Edition PDF Magazine released by Darren Doyle?


If you know of this, you know:

- there are cool reviews inside
- there are amazing interviews inside
- and you know the layout is incredible

It was so sad it was only a PDF Magazine, as I personally do not like the electronic magazine releases. I am one of those old faishoned styled guys who loves printed magazines.


we have done a single copy run of the ATARI GAMER Magazine at my local print shop. The quality is excellent will say ok and the binding not pefrect, but at least it wasnt overly expensive. So I asked Darren Doyle (Greyfox) to make this project happen and release his PDF magazine as Limited Edition in a printed format. And so we done it and it is finished:


The magazine is

29,7cm height by 21cm width
full colored printed
with 250gr paper envelope
and 135 gloosy paper inside
So a high-quality and strong magazine at the end.

The magazine festures on 72 amazing layoutet pages:
- Atari Time Tunnel
- Atari Fun Facts
- 2 Interviews
- System Focus on 130XE
- Atari 8bit Trivia
- 60 Game Reviews
- Atari Computers in Europe in the 80ies
- 8bit Lost Games You'll Never See
- 20 Homebrew Game Reviews


Get your amazing copy of this limited print-run NOW...
With the purchase you also not get only a special collectors items, also:

- you support our work on PRO ( C ) ATARI Magazine
- you support the work of releasing other great releases for our beloved system
- you support the work of Darren Doyle and his team to release more great Magazines
- you say: Atari rules !


Due the limited print run it is not reall cheap at the end, but if you hold the magazine in your hand you recognize: Every single cent was worth purchasing the magazine and when you read it finally, you would def. think: "The magazine would worth tripe price"

So what to do to purchase:


Please send PayPal-Payment of Euro 15,00 (incl. standart shipment - if you prefer I should send registrated service please add euro 2,50) to



Any question also to this email adress. And please do no forget to include your mailing adress, thanks.

Have fun with this amazing work!





Unofficial Atari: a Visual History



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