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Go Heroes: Prometheus (In Development)


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Release Date: TBD

Retail: TBD

Developer: Happyland Games

Publisher: Happyland Entertainment

Official Site


GO HEROES: Prometheus is an innovative cross-genre game based on Greek Mythology. You play as the Titan Prometheus, and through the game, you unravel the myth while activating shrines that connect the past with the present. In your journey, you will face fierce enemies and mind-bending environmental puzzles, but fear not! Valuable skills will be given to you while mighty followers accompany and assist you in your mission to Steal the Fire from the Gods!

The innovation: Action-Turn-Based


Travel through vast grid-based levels in a four-directional movement. You’ll always move first in a turn-based logic. Yet, your enemies will respond instantly to every attack, with one goal, to encircle you into tight, challenging spots, rearranging the battlefield like a rhythmic choreography.

At your disposal, a four-slot inventory to keep and swap armor and utilize abilities with the touch of a button, allowing you to focus on the action.


  • Lore and storyline are based on the original myths; Trust us, we are Greeks.
  • Innovative Action-Turn-Based tactical combat
  • Innovative Intuitive Inventory System
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