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Classic99 Carts/Disks/etc


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First image I have created is the latest version of the Telnet utility for Classic99 to be loaded up as a user cartridge.

First off you will need to edit your classic99.ini file and add the below then copy the telnet.bin file to the respective directory.  Be sure to change the 'usercart#' to the next available from your .ini file.

I place all my user carts in a folder called 'mods' under the classic99 folder.  If you have a different folder path then make sure you change it below to match what you have.

; *** Telnet

So to load up telnet in the latest version of classic99 just go to Cartridge --> User --> Telnet

No need to load it up via Editor Assembler, XB Option 5 loader or even loading it via the CALL TIPI command set.



Website: http://shift838.com

Heatwave BBS Telnet to heatwave.ddns.net Port# 9640; FuSiON BBS Telnet to fusionbbs.ddns.net Port# 9900

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