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AVARIS II game released


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1 hour ago, - Ω - said:

I guess we had a name change?  Is this the finished product, one I can make a video about next Wednesday?

Yes this is the finished product.  I did a total re-write of the code but kept most of the graphics.  Since I had the graphics and knew roughly what I was doing the re-write took 24 hours.  The name "Avaris II" was the official name anyhow until I thought of Anubis , it is the follow-on to Avaris.  But then Alan (OLD CS1) started with his Anagrams and came up with BI ANUS so I changed it back to Avaris II  !   🙂

I'd love you to do a video of it and thankyou.  Your videos are always of a good quality.  

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Avaris 2 bug fix.


Fixed bug with crashing to ground sending player back to 1st wave. Reason this bug existed is because Retrospect is an imbecile.

New font added

Warning system now sounds different if it's warning about saucers, because they're evil, aren't they?

Ground scrolls faster, because it can.

Starfield had slight jump issue, not anymore it doesn't.

Game starts in attract mode. Player can press fire to start, or crash with ground to start.


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really sorry about that Omega.  I posted yet another bug fix to you in your messages.  suppose i should put it in here too.  then i'm gonna go sit in the toilet and cry.




It won't make any difference for the video unless you spot any roaming enemy missiles that shouldn't be there, this version fixes that issue, is all.

I'm fed up.  Had enough.  Taking a break.  I've done the one thing that causes my anxiety to spike and that's releasing a game, thinking it's done, and then finding bug after bug that weren't apparent the first time i playtested.  😞 


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