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Gopher Sega Genesis Portable (a short review)


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What you get:  You get the handheld system, a battery, USB charger, felt drawstring case, and AV cable to hook it up to your TV.  (warning the screen will look wretched, peel off the screen protector) The model I got has 80 games built in, as well as the SD card slot where more can be loaded and accessed.   


Pros:  Cost ($30 shipped),  seems fairly solidly built, nice selection of built in games, very easy to operate and feels comfy in the hands.

Cons:  No save function, so only password enabled games can be resumed.  As such, it makes some of the built in games kinda questionable. (Shining Force 2, Phantasy Star 2&3, etc).   The sound is a bit off...however, this isn't nearly as glaring as many reviewers make it out to be.  The sound is not bad, just different.  The screen is 3", but sharp.  I didn't find this off-putting at all.

So far I would definitely recommend it for its price point.  There's several purists who love to hail the PSP as the end all for emulating older games, but for a sega fan who doesn't feel like spending that much, this unit is nice.

If you want one, search eBay and you'll find a US seller who sells them for 29.99 + free shipping.


EDIT:  If you have problems finding a US seller, let me know and I'll link you to the guy I purchased from.  Nice fella, good communication, fast shipping.

"For you - Rowsdower from the 70 - have been appointed Omnivisioner of the Game Grid."  ~ Atari Adventure Square

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