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  1. I bought this snes controller for 10 bucks a couple of weeks ago. So far it works great. The only complaint would be that sometimes you push up it goes right. Works good other than that.
  2. Yeah, me too. When the quotile started chasing me I went for easy kills. It seemed to stop chasing me around 175k.
  3. I managed to get 127,753. A small tip is to get mid air kills early for extra lives.
  4. Playing on the 7800 so I put in Space Invaders to make sure that the difficulty switch is on A.
  5. The advantage of dual controllers is very obvious. Having to move in the direction you want to fire is tough. Still a very fun game.
  6. After a couple of attempts I was able to get 160,025. Playing on a 7800 with a 2600 joystick.
  7. I suck at this game, but I have the next 3 days off. I'll get a score posted tomorrow for sure though!
  8. I never received the copy of this I ordered off of Ebay.
  9. Either one of the Intellivision games. Thanks!
  10. I haven't played this in many years. Just found a copy on ebay for $16. Looking forward to this one!
  11. Think I'll play it right now!
  12. One of my all time favorites to this day. Top 5 of greatest games for the 2600.
  13. Such an amazing game with the different variations. I just bought Spiderman for PS4 but almost 40 years later I'm still playing Space Invaders instead. LOL
  14. 3,350 on the 7800 with a 2600 joystick.
  15. 59,358 on my NES that I received from Stormsurge a couple weeks ago. 7
  16. I'm working long days all weekend, but hope to join in the high score challenges late night. My daughter bought me a new phone for Father's Day so i can actually participate in these again.
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