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  1. A Unisonic Tournament 2000 complete in box (with gun), What sounds good to you with shipping Rick?
  2. greenween


    The PS2 is beautiful and plays perfect Rick!! Thank you!
  3. Hey Rick. I will buy this on Tuesday the 22nd if no one else does.
  4. VERY interested in that heavy 6er man!!!
  5. greenween


    Thanks Rick!!!
  6. greenween


    Trying to find a "fat" PS2 that will read discs. I only need the console but will take a complete system if I need to. Bought a couple duds recently from FB for sell sites. Hit me up if you have one to spare.
  7. I actually have this! I haven't played in at least 20 years! Let's rock!
  8. Haha! This was a fun one. That asterisk will haunt me though.
  9. I managed to hit 644 before spilling a drink on my camera. You'll have to take my word for it. LOL
  10. Beat the computer at least. 346. Played on the 7800 with paddles.
  11. LOL, thanks to Rick, I always put in Space Invaders when playing on the 7800. Which I am doing right now.
  12. Never played it, didn't even know I had it! Looking forward to playing it tonight.
  13. Let's get some tips for these insane scores!!! I thought i was pretty decent at Tetris, wow. |
  14. After playing several times all i can add is do what Rick said! LOL 47,864. Played on the Wii with the wiimote.
  15. I'll have to play this on the Wii as well. I play this all the time, so i'm looking forward to getting on it tonight. I've never paid attention to score, always focused on lines. This is going to be a fun one!
  16. Such an amazing game!! I'll will spend more time on this one. 25,370. 7800 w/ 2600 joystick as always.
  17. Great choice! You guys are already destroying me! LOL I'm hitting 7,00 right now, long way to go.
  18. I managed to get 38,981 playing on my 7800 w/ 2600 joystick. I've never spent any time on this game. The first couple of attempts I did not enjoy it at all. I'm starting to like it!
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