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Am I doing this right? Not typically a Blog person, can you tell? 

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MY RETRO GAMING CORNER officially complete ! 😎🤟🧐

I consider my RETRO GAMING CORNER officially complete ! 😎🤟🧐includes 14inch TOSHIBA CRT / ColecoVision w/ AtariMax Flashcart / Retrobit SuperRetroTrio (nes, snes, genesis w/ Everdrives for each) / TG-16 w/Everdrive 😎👍as well, I can hook up the 2600 module to ColecoVision or even play Master System using the Everdrive on the RetroTrio. Happy covering 7 platforms with 3 consoles. Wanted to cover as many platforms with what I already have in the space I am limited to.  

MaximumRD's All Things AMIGA

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  CURRENTLY JUST A PLACEHOLDER AS I GATHER MY THOUGHTS / IDEAS DECIDE HOW I WILL PROGRESS OR NOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Welcome to MaximumRD's Amiga Appreciation Hub. For fans of one of the greatest computer line of all time! Including the entire Amiga line from the original A1000 to the blockbuster A500 and even then CDTV and CD32 come join in on the fun relating to all things AMIGA! YES the C64 was awesome but the AMIGA was magic!

RE: My Tragic C64 incident

RE: Commodore 64. Once (I learned a lesson 😎) back in the early days, my first C64, the classic breadbox model, I loved it so, I even painted the case a cool shiny BLACK with spray paint. NOTE: Image shown is not mine and included for descriptive purposes only. Sadly, I had more balls than knowledge and was always tinkering, wanting to see the guts of a machine etc. Do you know where this is going? I disassembled the machine BUT, and I think this was my biggest mistake in all this, with the cove
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