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Something amiss with the 130XE...

Clint Thompson


Purchased my 130XE for $99 many years ago thinking I got a good deal and have only recently had the chance to play some games utilizing the extended memory the 130 is supposed to offer, which is why I decided to get this model after my 800XL keyboard started acting up. Kind of pissed to learn that something is really messed up with it and should have just bought a new one from Best Elec. I can't isolate the problem and don't really want to spend the hours trying to find out and pinpoint the exact issue. I suppose the board is still usable for basic programs that don't require anything above 64kb of RAM but I fear something else is wrong with it. It's not the CPU either because I tried swapping with a different unit with identical results.


I can't even load the RAM test program because it goes absolutely bezerk before fully loading so something is really wonky with the system. Who knows....




Guess I'll just pick up a replacement board.


I've always been pro-hardware and anti-emulation but I'll tell you, when something goes wrong with the hardware and it's an expensive hobby due to the age of said hardware, it makes you want to reconsider at times. Maybe a proper FPGA solution will exist someday.


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Remember...the XE line was made on the cheap.  Cost cutting was the goal.  I've had much better luck with the XL or 400/800. 


Yeah and I ended up being sucked into the family design that matches the ST range on top of the extra 64kb of memory.

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