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Bombjack (Atari ST Review)

Atari 5200 Guy


Bombjack on the ST kind of reminds me of Bomberman Jack on the NES.  Whether they are one in the same or just share similar qualities I can't say but the arcade style game play is fun.  I was only able to accomplish a few rounds because, for me, the controls were wonky which I will get to in a minute.

The graphics are arcade like as are the controls and sounds however the background music gets repetitive pretty quick.  Thankfully the developers were kind enough to give the player an option to turn off that music. Now about those wonky controls.  They respond OK until you try to run and jump.  With this game it's more like jump and then run.  You can jump as high as you want with just a tap of the button but you can't run and jump.  You have to jump first and then move left or right.  It takes some getting use to.  Otherwise there is a fun game hiding here.


This game I would recommend to those who enjoy arcade-style game play.  Simply collect the bombs before they explode while avoiding enemies.  I'm not sure if the game gives bonus items to help you out as I've not made it that far yet.  Bombjack is proof that sometimes the smaller games can still be fun.


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