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ST Virus (Not a Review)

Atari 5200 Guy


I thought about making this just a standard forum post but decided instead to make it a blog post.  This way I have a document on my findings while learning more about the ST.  And now...the rest of the story (I miss Paul Harvey).

I was doing research trying to find out if Konami actually went through with releasing some games on the ST computers.  One issue of ST Action mentioned it but the next issue that was to continue the story was missing.  My research turned up something more and I landed on Vigilante.  I also seen the disk label:


This disk image (thanks to Atari Mania) says something about a virus warning.  Now, I can somewhat understand a virus in the IBM and Apple world of computers because they were a bit more popular in our portion of the world.   But an Atari computer getting a virus?  Is it possible?  Can it destroy the computer? 

I'm going to keep reading those ST magazines to see if anything turns up.  In the meantime if anyone here has more knowledge about those viruses I'm sure that other ST owners here, including myself, would like to know about them p!ease.


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My question is what could a virus do to a system like the ST that, in common setups, only has the floppy drive?  In systems with a hard drive I could understand because a virus normally destroys hard drives.  I have not experienced a virus that has destroyed RAM, CPUs, Motherboards, etc.  

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