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Tonight I thought I would research applications in attempts of finding anything to allow writing programs for the Atari ST.  I do enjoy writing small programs every now and then.  I turned to some magazines to see what turned up before having to turn to Google.  Doing a Google searched turned up a recommendation for an app called Tempus.  The only one I have on hand is version 1.10 but there are other versions out there.

What grab my interest right off the bat were the file types it supported out of the box. Along with standard text files Tempus also supports C, Basic, Pascal, S, and Assembly files and a few more.  All of those file types are used to program an ST.  The S files I know were used in developing 7800 games so it may be possible to use a single machine to develop for multiple systems.


I was loving the colors until I went messing around, clicked on the Fuji logo, and found the Control Panel.  Once I clicked on that the app turned black and white.  I haven't found a way to get the color back.


I have not messed around with it yet as I am trying to locate the manual to it.  It does look to be self explaining which helps...it's those extra fine details that I might need to know about. Why am I posting this without using the app first?  To let other ST owners become aware of it.  Once I learn more about it I will add an update here.  For now, though, I need to hit the books.

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Just an FYI; I'm currently researching a development environment for creating programs on the ST.  I know there are stand-alone packages for the ST but I'm trying a different approach.  I'm testing Tempus out as the editor for writing programs in C.  I'm going to try out Lattice C for compiling the code, and I'm currently researching for graphics and music development apps to use.  I'm hoping I can find a music development tool that uses digitized sounds and not MIDI.

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