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Silent Service (Atari 8-bits)

Atari 5200 Guy



There was a time when buying a new game required using the packaging material to grab the consumer's attention. There usually was no limit to how far a software company would go to deliver a package that created an impulse buy. And by that I mean there was no other way around it...you simply had to have that game no matter what based on what the package looked like and how it presented the software inside the box.


Silent Service for the Atari 8-bit computer consoles was developed by none other than Microprose, software makers famous for their WWII and flying simulation software. My first encounter with this developer was in the early 1990's when I owned a 386-PC. Titles I had from Microprose were Covert Action, Lightspeed, and Railroad Tycoon and I declared these some of the best PC games I owned at the time. My adventures into the Atari 8-bit games didn't really take off until a few years ago. I enjoyed the computer mostly as a BASIC programming machine and never really gave the commercial games much thought. When I discovered that Microprose started out with the likes of Atari and Commodore computers I immediately set out to try to find out what all games they made. There was no Covert Action, Lightspeed, or Railroad Tycoon...but I did find a bunch of other games that are really good. And Silent Service was the first Microprose Atari game I would obtain.


I played this game only for a little while and really need to spend more time on it. But what time I did spend on it blew me away. The amount of detail that went into making this submarine game is impressive. I admire and respect the fact that all early Microprose games had notes from Major Bill, owner of the company, who was in the military.  I thank him for his service and for creating one of the best software companies of all-time in my book.

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I played and owned a few Microprose titles on my 286 back in the day. I think the first game I played from them on my buddy's IBM model 25 or 30 was Airborne Ranger. He never seem to really get into it so I borrowed it from him and had a blast with that game. I still have it loaded up to play in Dosbox but simply don't have the controls remembers anymore nor the overlay that used to come with these back in the day to know what does what.

Other Microprose games I played and got really good at was Red Storm Rising and F-19 Stealth Figher (It would later be released as F-117A but essentially the exact same game). I own both of those games complete in box.

The only submarine games I got into and was really able to understand how to play was the aforementioned Red Storm Rising and Wolfpack by Nova logic.

I've heard of Silent Service but I didn't know anyone that owned it much less played it myself. I did play Lightspeed for a bit but it had a different name back then. Hyperspeed I think it was called? Didn't get far with that one. 

Pirates! was another Microprose classic, but I only found about that game much much later on when I first played the Genesis version in the early 2000s and discovered Pirates! and Pirates! -Gold for PCs had come out prior.


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I have a more modern Pirates! for the Wii.  Fun game.

I have more Microprose games for my XEGS including F-15 Strike Eagle, Decision in the Desert, top gunner (has three games), Crusade in Europe.  All complete in box. I'm looking for Gunship and Red Storm Rising for the ST.

And, yes, I play Silent Service.  I also have that one for the NES but play the XEGS version more.

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