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Jinks (Atari 7800)

Atari 5200 Guy


OK.  Im new to Jinks.  I have read where many people have dogged it.  I have watched video reviews on it where it didn't do so good.  Granted it is not a typical 7800 game I'm use to.  From a technical standpoint it actually does some impressive feats.


I have to admit that I don't belong in those majorities.  On the contrary I find Jinks rather fun.  I did find a few flaws here and there like my ball disappearing all of a sudden or going through objects it shouldn't but the game is sit down classic fun.  It doesn't need twitchy fingers and movements to enjoy the game.  Jinks is more laid back and relaxing.  And I believe that is where the misconception is.

Jinks is a fun game if you don't approach it as an arcade game because that is something that it's not.  If you just sit down and want to play a game where you can be immersed and have an hour to kill give Jinks a go.  It really isnt a bad game and the sounds in spots are actually quite impressive.

UPDATE: After I wrote this post I decided to spend a few days on this game.  I can't stop playing it.  I did some research on it and it seems like the 7800 was the only game console to receive a port of this computer game.  I have not yet researched the other versions to see what differences their are BUT...once you know the game's mechanics and what every object in the game does there is a hidden gem inside that plastic cartridge. I have not found any other game on the 7800 that has the sounds like Jinks does.  Then again Jinks is my first game outside of the usual arcade ports on the system.  

The sounds in this game are what impress me the most.  It is amazing just how far some developers went as to push new features on the 7800.  Jinks really shows just how flexible the 7800 really was even when just using TIA as the sound chip.  I mean...digitized sounds and speech??  It makes me wonder if the 7800 got any more games that did that.  Granted the actual game play sounds are full-on TIA sounds the rest of the game is all digitized sounds.  To me that is impressive.

I don't know how it faired during the 7800's production run and I don't know what modern gamers who have reviewed this game are basing their opinions on (e.g.; other 7800 games or other Jinks ports) but my opinion stands firm:  Jinks is a hidden gem of a game and has become my number two game on the system right under Asteroids.

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