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To Mod or Not to Mod?

Atari 5200 Guy


That is the question.  I received a NES Classic Mini which makes it the second one in my collection. It has a controller and that’s it.  No box or anything.  My other one remains little used and stays in its box with all original packaging material.

I have been debating whether or not to mod the thing by adding more games to it.  I don’t know how many different ways there are to mod it, if it’s an easy process or more trouble than it’s worth.  But it would be nice to see the games I grew up playing that are not part of the original 30 games like Lunar Pool, Zanac, Guardian Legend, and more.

So if it was you with two NES classic minis would you mod one?  If so what would you use and what games would you add?  

Also…is there a limit to the number of games that can be put on it?


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I would mod it.  It's easy to do and I've done a few of them for others before.  And yes, there is a space limit, but it is pretty large.  Enough for most favorites.  Which games?  I usually go to "videogamecritic.com" and sort a system's games by letter grade.  Grab and try all the "A" titles. 

The easiest flashback to mod is the PS1 Classic, which can simply boot off a USB stick.  Remove the stick and it's right back to stock.



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I agree with @RickR, if you have one that is stock and this is a spare, then mod it with more games! And yes there is a limit, although it has been a few years since I did mine and I can't quite remember what that limit was. But basically you have to compromise between wanting a lot more games, or still wanting the ability to have save states on the games. 

Because what I do remember is that each of the save states were quite large (Much much larger than the actual game roms), and they were what all of the empty space was needed for. So if you fill that space with more games, then you can't have 3 or 4 save states per game anymore and in some cases if you completely fill it, you can't have any at all.

This only becomes an issue because the modded consoles OS can't really tell that the space isn't there. So if you don't have any space left and you try and use the save states, it usually ends up locking up the thing at that point. I think I settled about 30 more games being safe to add in most cases and that would still provide you with like 1 or 2 save states per game doing it that way.

Another thing you can do, is that since all of these are based on the same tech internally, you don't just have to put NES games on it. What I did was actually mod my SNES mini with both additional SNES games and some NES games that I can choose to play on it. I left my NES mini stock, but then on my Genesis mini I added some more CD games and a few 32x games if I remember along with additional genesis roms I'd want to play on it. 


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I would probably add like 15 more games.  The ones mentioned, Life Force, I can’t believe Contra was not in the original 30, possibly Galaxian,

I’m even more surprised is there is not a single SNK game on the thing and I remember Ikari Warriors being hard to find in my area.  I could only rent it and there was a waiting list for that.  I ended up renting and eventually buying Guerrilla War because it was there when Ikari wasn’t.

I’m only after a few games.  I don’t want to put tons on there…just a few without losing too much of the benefits its OS offers.  I like the save states on some games.  Those come in handy getting past those trouble spots I always managed to get stuck at in games.  Other games it’s not necessary.

With that said my added games would be:

Zanac, Guardian Legend, Life Force, Contra, Galaxian, Lunar Pool to start.

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