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Messing around with Game Boy Color.

Wumperdinkle Sniy


I have for testing my Game Boy creations a Game Boy Color, a Game Boy Pocket, a brick Game Boy (in case I need one), and Super Game Boy. I decided to mess around with Game Boy Color programming. I found a way to change the light gray color to yellow on GBC while still making it work on the GB pocket, with the lemon displaying as light gray.


Now that I have this, I don't know what to do with it. Perhaps I could make a Fast Food type game with food coming in all directions. I'd like to make something that doesn't use a battery. I also put in a Super Game Boy border. I think tomorrow I'll add some music to this screen.


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Very cool. You are making like the Black GBC carts that are compatible with the GB and GBC. 🙂 Very cool. Are you using Z80 ASM, C, GB Studio, or something else? 😄

I was doing GB development years ago in C with GBDK. I forgot most of the Z80 ASM, and didn't want to re-learn it, it's one of my least favorite CPUs. 😛

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