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Playstation games.

Wumperdinkle Sniy


So I got a haircut. After I got my hair cut, I stopped by my local game store and walked out with three Plyaystation games, knowing full well I would need to find it when I came home. I also stopped at Subway and got a salad. One of the first things I was asked was "Do you want lettuce in your salad?" I'm wondering what would happen if I said "no." Isn't a salad just a bunch of lettuce with some other stuff thrown in? Well, on the car ride home I ate the salad. I usually didn't like salads, but I like Subway's.

I got home, miraculously found the AC adapter for the PSOne, tried out the four games I needed to (I bought one a few months ago but I didn't feel like searching for it. I guess it was hot that day.) They all work. I got a Lynx game in the mail today (Switchblade II), and that worked okay. I think I might as well give up on X vs. O, though, I got the win detection, I got the selecting spaces working ok, but one time it restarted a game without me pressing the o key on the keyboard. I keep playing the game for fifteen minutes without any bug happening and then one does. It's stupid.

But back to the Playstation. I have all these games but I don't know what to play. I guess I'll play solo Scrabble. I just wish it would save my high scores with the memory card. And perhaps some pinball as well. I have to be careful about which PS games to buy since I don't have a Game Genie device for it. I just wish games continued to be on cartridges. You'd think it would be easier to pirate games if they were on a CD, which was why the Gamecube discs were small.


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If I’m not mistaken PS games have a small amount of security somewhere. I could be wrong.

im going through four PlayStation game consoles and six games now to see if they work or not.

 What all games do you have?

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