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First real render since Bryce in the 90s and Roland 2080

Clint Thompson


Modern rendering capabilities have far exceed beyond imagination of what was possible in the early 90s and I find it interesting to take the idea of using everything currently available and incorporate that into some sort of game for a much older system. In this case, the Atari Jaguar.


After about 3 test renders, I was able to make a few more for a quick idea/view of what's possible and am really excited at the possibilities here.




The renders aren't complete but give you a quick idea of what a 30-45 minute render is capable of. The idea is to use various scenes and models in a somewhat silently being developed or worked on in the background game, Midsummer Dreams. I would love to have 64-characters and an endless amount of scenes but I think the realistic target range will be between 12-16.


On the flipside in regards to music - The Roland JV 1080 synthesizer was one of the well known items used to create the music in the award winning Tempest 2000 soundtrack and I finally have one coming my way, only a slightly better version. The Roland 2080 with up to 8 expansion modules, MIDI controlled by a Roland S50 and ultimately programmed using an Atari STe. Look forward to diving head first into all of that and see what I can come up with for this game. It's all just for fun but it's still a blast to do and is a nice hobby on the side.



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That looks awesome!  And being a keyboard and bass player that Roland sounds like a powerful instrument.  


On the Jaguar side, I believe that the only real issue is trying to stay within the 2 MB memory limitations of the console.  I'm not saying that it can't be done but the 2 MB presents somewhat of a bottleneck on what the console could have done if it had more memory.

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