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ITC - TurboGrafx 16

ITC - TurboGrafx 16

Another console from the ITC collection. This is my TG16 that I bought for about $20 bucks back around 2000 timeframe at the local flea market. It came with 1 controller at the time that I've not used because the controller was in such nice condition. Here it is with the controller I got with it back then.

It doesn't get used much as over the years I've gotten other consoles to play these games with. And it seems the value of the TG16 itself has increased over time where it is better to put wear on my other consoles anyway. As a result, it lives most of its life in the closet of doom where spare consoles are 'stored' in one of the TG16 branded hard clamshell cases for the system. 

I replaced the caps on it several years back but not much else had been done to it. That changed as I finally installed a second RGB kit I bought early last year into it last night. The RGB replaces the original RF modulator and uses a Sega Saturn 10pin mini din for the RGB, composite, and s-video output, along with the audio of course. 

I also have a spare region switching kit specific to the TG16 that I may install in the future. Again, this console doesn't actually get used much so I don't know yet what more I will put into it. Could be a console that will be ready for a new home in the future?


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