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  1. I promise you this show takes a heck of a lot to put on I'm one of the founders of it and I work all year literally to find all the cool stuff to share. We have always been careful to keep our prices and costs in line which is why we chose to stay the size we are, we are more of a medium size event but we pack a large event's worth of fun in the time we get. Free play is a non profit organization that is self funded, we work for every penny we put toward the show and have never taken a single dime's salary. Thank you so much to those that support us, we truly are a grass roots bunch of enthusiasts.
  2. Incase you missed it last year!!
  3. Hi Everyone, Not sure what the appropriate forum is for me to pimp my event in Florida so feel free to move this Just letting everyone know that we are just under 2 months from the event and our new shirt art is out! it's pretty neato. We've also announced some cool guests including George Lowe, Billy Mitchell, Brian Colin and Keith Apicary to name a few. The one and only Tim Lapetino, author of Art of Atari will also be there to sign copies of his book! Anyway, that's the update for the moment hope to see you there! /brian
  4. For those of you interested in this story, the whole story including the people involved in this incredible find will be doing a presentation and reveal of the Aztarac in it's full working glory at Free Play Florida november 17-19 2017. I am one of the founders and operators of the event, hope to see some of you there!
  5. Thought i'd share a quick update on this. Finished the full conversion to actual atari 2600 hardware and a CRT monitor.
  6. Thanks for the welcome It feels strange to be a newbie on a gaming site, but that's what I am here! The cabinet was a scratch build based on the atari mini/cabaret plans from classicarcadecabinets.com that I modified a bit. The artwork I scanned my Kaboom box and vectored it for print with some customization that thisoldgame.com printed for me. The rest of it was just hand fabrication of all the metal bits and such, and at the show at least it was running a PC and emulator as I simply didn't have enough time to adapt a 2600. That *is* happening, just didn't make it for the show. Once it's converted to a 2600 it will be playing Todd's one bucket kaboom in a cart.
  7. This was a cabinet I did for Free Play Florida for Todd. Todd's a great friend of mine and the show and he loves kaboom too, so I figured what the heck i'll make a cabinet out of it for him. Amazing how many corners of the interwebs this cabinet has made it's way to!
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