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  1. I'd fall into the "who cares?" part of the spectrum of opinion if not for the fact that these have little purpose other than to be obtrusive. These days, it's a rare subway ride where one isn't exposed to someone's crappy music played through some tinny cell phone speaker. Nobody wants to hear what you're listening to, I promise. And exactly how good are speakers in a hat brim going to be, anyway? (Here, I'll tell you: not all that good.) Anyway, for this reason alone I hope the hat venture is a failure. I'm all for innovation and the creation of "I didn't even know I wanted it because, until now, it didn't exist" type products. And hey, I could even go for a nice, stylish, minimalist Atari hat. But nobody was asking for this, as far as I can tell, and I suspect that the only people who will use this product as intended are those without respect for others' rights to exist in an undisturbed public setting.
  2. You could serve some cheese and crackers with that thing! Really sweet score.
  3. I think it's worth remembering that the Genesis (320x224) and Master System (256x192) involve more screen detail/resolution than the VCS (which doesn't have an output resolution in the traditional sense -- for practical purposes one can say it's 160x192)... so a small screen would be somewhat less of a concern for the Atari portable. I haven't seen the Sega portable so I can't comment on it, I just wouldn't write off the Atari portable solely due to its screen's size. That said, I still have almost zero interest in it, personally. YMMV. NSG: your video's intro image has convinced me to turn a few of my extra carts into Christmas tree ornaments! RickR: you could probably decorate an entire (small) tree with your Combat carts...
  4. Paul composed the title theme for Thrust+ -- it's the pinnacle of musical achievement on a 2600 cart, if you ask me. To hear sounds like these coming from a VCS... it rendered me speechless the first time I fired up the game!
  5. This is fantastic, thanks for posting it. Three gripes with an otherwise great and entertaining video review: 1) One *can* catch Atari's E.T. before hitting the bottom of a pit and "beam out" before hitting bottom if there's no phone piece there, and in fact it saves a ton of energy since hitting bottom subtracts 269 energy units. Granted, none of this is documented in the instruction manual. But ideally one should levitate during a fall into EVERY pit, and gently lower oneself to the bottom if needed. 2) Atari's E.T. *does* include a way to turn off enemies (choose Game 3 to turn off the Scientist and the FBI Agent, keeping only Elliott). 3) The quoted review doesn't say "inspired by", it specifically says that E.T. is "similar in format" to Adventure and Superman, and it is. They all have game "maps" traversible in four directions, something not common at the time. In summary: OUCH. Seriously though, this video BE GOOD.
  6. Here's what I ended up with, thanks to some AA store credit and a little extra $... - Halo 2600 is really cool. I think the story behind it is better than the game itself, but don't get me wrong -- the game is entertaining on its own. I came close to beating it on my first playthrough, but I think it will retain some replay value after I've completed it. - I can't emphasize enough how astoundingly good Thrust+ Platinum Edition is. The splash screen music by Paul Slocum is off-the-charts amazing; I'm not sure I've ever heard a better tune come out of my 2600. The gameplay is difficult but not infuriatingly so. I've only just scratched the surface with this one at this point, and I haven't even investigated any of the other control options. The game makes use of a Driving Controller and Quickjoy Foot Pedal, if you have 'em. I may need to investigate this option! - I knew Chetiry would be good and enjoyable, but... I'm seriously impressed. The cart retains your high scores for each of four game variations (you can also reset the score tables). You can choose from three in-game songs, or to have no music. The songs are all listenable and mostly true to how they're supposed to sound. The gameplay itself is incredibly solid; the only things I thought the game lacked were a more apparent visual cue that the difficulty level was increasing (e.g. something like a playfield color change), and I expected the music to speed up when my stack reached a certain height. These are both really minor complaints, if you could even call them that. My grasp of 2600 programming is minimal but I know that displaying multiple colors on one scanline requires some coding trickery, so to see a row full of differently colored pieces definitely put a smile on my face. The artwork is also a big winner in my book!
  7. I find it cool/interesting that only one of the three visible part numbers shows up in the Jan. '84 Atari Engineering Information System Item Master List, which is chock full of parts and other things that never went to retail. C010312 - listed ("TOP HOUSING CARTRIDGE") C017782 - unlisted (PCB Rev 3?) C025351 - unlisted (?) Post more collection photos!
  8. Ooh yeah, forgot about Star Castle Arcade, thanks. I'm also looking forward to Scramble -- supposed to be out sometime this Fall...
  9. I'm looking to pick up 2 or 3 games from the AA store. Which homebrews/repros do you enjoy most? What do you like about them? Games I already have in my collection: Pac-Man 4K Juno First Zippy the Porcupine Games I'm considering so far: Stay Frosty 2 Thrust+ Chetiry Halo 2600 Star Castle Arcade I'm slightly less interested if a ROM is freely available, but I wouldn't rule out picking up a cart solely because of that.
  10. Yars' Revenge Atari 2600 Difficulty: Game 6 (Ultimate Yars) High Score: 1,260,846 August 2, 2016
  11. Mountain King Atari 5200 Difficulty: Default High Score: 172,290 June 13, 2016
  12. So -- Jan Soderstrom, VP of Atari corporate advertising? Were there any other women VPs? I can picture it now, the geek programmers all being legit upset at this... "DON'T SHOW JAN THE NEW TRAK-BALL HANDSHAKE, SHE TOTALLY SPOILED THE JOYSTICK ONE!"
  13. Nice! I've been hoping to find a Tac-2 in the wild at some point -- as you mentioned, the going rate on eBay for them is relatively high. I don't think they're really all that rare, but I suppose they're known to be quality joysticks, and they look nice, too. Anyway, if it works and you'd be interested in a trade, drop me a line!
  14. I will tell my (unborn) children of the day I saw four VCS paddles all working with no jitter whatsoever... Great vid!
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