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  1. Junk! Juuunk! Juuuuunk! What'd I take? Space Dungeon, for the 5200. A very nice upgrade to what I had, which was looking a little worn. Riddle of the Sphinx, for the 2600. A *big* upgrade to the copy in my collection, which was far more faded than I'd realized. Compute!'s First Book of Atari, from 1981 -- gonna have to try typing up some of the included programs on my 1200XL sometime! Alphabet Zoo (Spinnaker) for the Atari 8-bit line -- I'm not going to start collecting 8-bit carts, I'm not going to start collecting 8-bit carts, I'm not going to... A CX-40 Atari joystick, in excellent condition. A new cassette tape! I honestly took this for the case -- I needed one for a loose Starpath cassette I have. But now I can record you a mixtape, too. Time Lord (NES) -- well, I wasn't gonna take this initially, but it was the one thing that wouldn't make it back in the box. Hmm, maybe I'll start the next RJB... Koopa shell McDonalds friction motor toy. Came in the original plastic; I opened it so the cats could chase after it. The Big Book of Hell -- as a huge early Simpsons fan (man, isn't it a shame that it ended after 9 seasons? ) I've never read any of Groening's earlier comic work. That changes now. Activision TV Games plug-and-play from Toymax -- one of the first "modern" P&P devices (2001?). I'm curious to see how the 10 games compare to the originals! Onto the next!
  2. RJB10 arrived Saturday to my PO, but I couldn't pick it up before it closed. Just went to get it during my lunch break today. Will open it tonight after work -- can't wait!
  3. Looks cool -- what's the oval blue thing, and the circular black thing lower left? The internet says that the Pong unit is one of the last ones to be made -- sold in 1983!
  4. Interesting that this carries a 1984 copyright date; the demo currently in circulation ("Yellow Sub Demo", which appears to be identical to this one) has a 1983 date on the Fuji screen. Some internal mail from Atari's Vax servers in the Home Computer Division indicate that Paul Comfort was in "Component Test Engineering", and around this time (early February 1984) HCD was looking at an issue in the SALLY chip in A8 computers -- something to do with the data bus and the CLC (Clear Carry Flag) opcode failing in a high percentage of chips when operated at high temperatures. I know very little about 6502 programming but I gather that the CLC opcode *does* get used in some sprite positioning routines. I'm gonna guess that this demo wasn't related to that specific issue (I'm not even sure if the 5200 used the same SALLY revision that was being tested at the time), but it seems like the kind of quick-n-dirty cart that a test group might put together to put an IC through specific paces. Thanks for sharing this with the community!
  5. Lots of great choices already. Here are some from me: Rescue Terra I - VentureVision's sort-of prequel to Laser Gates (same programmer). Shuttle Orbiter - Orbital mechanics and action puzzling? Sweet! Tapper - Solid, fun, and wholesome (Mountain Dews for everyone!) Subterranea - I so wish this game were more readily available; it deserves far more recognition IMO. Bump 'N' Jump - It's a bit of a memorization game at its core, but besides that there's plenty of fun to be had here. Room of Doom - A cool action shooter, probably my favorite CommaVid game. Montezuma's Revenge - a better action/explorer game than Pitfall II. Yeah, I said it!
  6. Lists are not stupid or pointless, they're great! Top 10 favorites I played as a kid in the 80s/90s, in no particular order: 1) Yars' Revenge 2) Superman 3) Crystal Castles 4) E.T. 5) California Games 6) Ice Hockey 7) Asteroids 8) Berzerk 9) Mario Bros. 10) Defender Top 10 favorites as of now, again not in any order: 1) Yars' Revenge 2) Enduro 3) California Games 4) Beamrider 5) Crystal Castles 6) Berzerk 7) Shuttle Orbiter 8) Subterranea 9) Montezuma's Revenge 10) Gravitar
  7. Coming to you live from near the eclipse centerline in Tennessee! Weather is good and we are ready to rock.

    1. Atari 5200 Guy

      Atari 5200 Guy

      Clouds here. And my location in MidMO means we don't get to see 100% anyway. :(

    2. RickR


      We had a beautiful view here in Oregon.


  8. There's a handful of more common 2600 games I want. The only catch? I want them in near-mint condition, with little-to-no plaque/wear/dirt. If you have any of these and would like to help me make my collection nicer via trade or sale, send me a message or post here, please... Canyon Bomber (regular Atari Inc. picture label) Galaxian (regular Atari Inc. silver label) Math Gran Prix (regular Atari Inc. picture label) Trick Shot (picture label) Zaxxon
  9. Nope, not dead! Keep an eye on the AA thread for an update from them real soon.
  10. First footage? https://twitter.com/llamasoft_ox/status/896159971984855040
  11. I'd fall into the "who cares?" part of the spectrum of opinion if not for the fact that these have little purpose other than to be obtrusive. These days, it's a rare subway ride where one isn't exposed to someone's crappy music played through some tinny cell phone speaker. Nobody wants to hear what you're listening to, I promise. And exactly how good are speakers in a hat brim going to be, anyway? (Here, I'll tell you: not all that good.) Anyway, for this reason alone I hope the hat venture is a failure. I'm all for innovation and the creation of "I didn't even know I wanted it because, until now, it didn't exist" type products. And hey, I could even go for a nice, stylish, minimalist Atari hat. But nobody was asking for this, as far as I can tell, and I suspect that the only people who will use this product as intended are those without respect for others' rights to exist in an undisturbed public setting.
  12. Dynamite and an ice cream cone can mean only one thing: Taz!
  13. 5146 Can't see myself grinding too hard on this one. There's only so much bamp-bamp-bamp-bamp-bampbamp-bamp-bamp-WEEEOOO-WEEEOOO-WEEEOOO a guy can take! (Screwed up the audio, so I muted it. Was anything *really* lost, though? Change to 720p60 to fix the disappearing ghosts.) I feel like I can play better. But... do I want to?
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