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  1. This is fantastic, thanks for posting it. Three gripes with an otherwise great and entertaining video review: 1) One *can* catch Atari's E.T. before hitting the bottom of a pit and "beam out" before hitting bottom if there's no phone piece there, and in fact it saves a ton of energy since hitting bottom subtracts 269 energy units. Granted, none of this is documented in the instruction manual. But ideally one should levitate during a fall into EVERY pit, and gently lower oneself to the bottom if needed. 2) Atari's E.T. *does* include a way to turn off enemies (choose Game 3 to turn off the Scientist and the FBI Agent, keeping only Elliott). 3) The quoted review doesn't say "inspired by", it specifically says that E.T. is "similar in format" to Adventure and Superman, and it is. They all have game "maps" traversible in four directions, something not common at the time. In summary: OUCH. Seriously though, this video BE GOOD.
  2. Yars' Revenge Atari 2600 Difficulty: Game 6, "Ultimate Yars" High Score: 1,260,846 August 2, 2016 Notes: (emulation: Stella 4.7.2, keyboard controls, recorded with Open Broadcaster Software) I was away from home on #HSWDAY or else I'd have tried pulling this off for the contest. I honestly didn't remember that the shield switched colors back to gray at 1,150,000 -- that was a surprise. At that point I decided to keep playing until I both rolled the shield color back to pink (at 1,230,000) and maxed out my lives-in-reserve bank (at 9). I can't even begin to guess how many hours I spent on this game as a kid. So, what's another hour-and-a-half now? 😂
  3. Mountain King Atari 5200 Difficulty: Default High Score: 172,290 June 13, 2016 Notes: (emulation: Altirra/x64 2.50, keyboard controls) Played for the HSC over at AA, this is one of my favorite games of all-time. I've been continuing to play since the HSC round ended, trying to pull off a complete Level 1 through Level 8 run, but so far no luck. The one bad thing about the scoring system in this game is that it rewards failure with minimal risk on the early levels. The game gives you lots of time (8 minutes in Level 1!) to pick up multiple flame spirits and crowns. Every time the flame spirit is picked up, an additional minute is granted. One could therefore intentionally fail their ascent to the mountaintop over and over to avoid proceeding to the next (harder) level. I haven't been doing this for any of my runs, but scores could easily be inflated this way. IMO high score attempts for this game are meaningless without video because of this tactic. I suppose it's debatable as to whether it's true "score-scumming" since one does risk running out of time*, but personally I think it goes against the spirit of the game. *Running out of diamonds to collect also increases the risk level, but as long as one doesn't open treasure chests while the flame spirit is available they endlessly respawn after being opened/closed -- it's just a matter of locating them quickly enough.
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