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  1. This link highlights the saran-wrap method and paintbrush methods. Both using gel and plastic wrap afterwards. Kind of making my point here.
  2. I had a few mishaps at first but with the clear tank and liquid I use now there's no issues. Most of the problems I had in the past was from using gel and trying the clear plastic wrap method + gel. In the dip-tank with peroxide the results are always uniform and pleasing. Just saying, it's all about technique.
  3. I’ve had success with everything I’ve retrobrighted to include the intercom panels from my house. Of course I live in Arizona so it’s always easier here, and I don’t reintroduce my specimens to constant sunlight afterwards.
  4. The 5200’s native controllers are prone to failure, and they hurt your hands when used as intended. The fact that you have to buy a cable from Greece and hook up another consoles controllers, though worthwhile, is a giant kludge inconvenience. Many players have abandoned this console due to the controllers. I’ve rebuilt two myself. They are fully functional yet horrible. Honestly, I don’t see how these controllers got past play testing at Atari.
  5. Sell them and get an Ofyssey2 multi from pakrat.
  6. I’m going to try to put an 8-ball inside mine. retrobrite: This process removes oxidized fire retardant from plastics. That’s what causes the yellowing. I doubt pool cue balls have fire retardant in them. Extremely doubtful retrobriting a cue all will do anything. Cue balls are not made of computer console plastic material. Cue balls have zero potential to burst into flames. As for retrobriting causing rapid re-yellowing...uh, nope. I use the 8-bit guy submersion method with peroxide from Sally’s beauty supply and no items I’ve retrobrited (in five years) have re-yellowed or bec
  7. Cool! Great work! Will you offer digital downloads for AtariMax cart?
  8. No. North Korea has no problems with shoplifting so why would we be interested?
  9. No. It’s pretty much all I need for floppy and tipi disk management. Been archiving my diskettes from Tigercub.
  10. I have one of these cables. It supports the speech module but not the firehouse/PEB. System locks up and screams when I try it.
  11. Will the 99/4 with speech and firehose fit under it?
  12. Thanks! After discovering Force Command though...no going back! backing up my treasures:
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