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  1. no i don't have leaderboards and there's several people you can tell from the screen shots, they don't have leaderboards either. I have no update to my version. so i don't know what's going on. EDIT: looked back, so it's just me and YorkiesTV that don't have them for whatever reason, see how our screen shots are different?
  2. how are you guys showing world leaderboards? You're using the VCS Version?
  3. Just came through the wire, tomorrow is Kombinera launch day, and the developers are going to be on the podcast!!! I'll have my own questions to ask but I also want as many people as possible to join with their own questions and I'll take questions/comments from the community as well! Should be a great show. If you tuned into last weeks show you know I've already played the game early and even as a self proclaimed "non puzzler" gamer, the game was a pleasant surprise on how fun it was and it had me hooked early on, I think a lot of people are going to be surprised even if puzzlers aren't your cup of tea, i would suggest to still check it out.
  4. Best it's probably going to get, i can't even get close to the high score i had previous. I'll make it up in the other ones, especially Centipede lol
  5. Well, this is something I've wanted to talk to someone about for a long time, but might be more relevant now than ever unfortunately.
  6. Here's a snippet from the Atari Weekly Podcast where we go completely off the rails from talking good places to still find deals on retro gaming items, to Craigslist Hook Ups!
  7. This weeks episode, not a lot of new VCS news, so going to look at the two games we do have release dates for, Tempest 4K and Kombinera, also want to dive deeper into the Atari.io forums so people can see what exactly is there and how it looks. https://youtu.be/3277U8tvaM8
  8. I personally think they should release the first game they announced for the VCS that was supposed to release back in November before thinking about other games, but the more the merrier, get out American Hero, then get out whatever else, I do think these types of games would work well on the VCS.
  9. Thanks. Here's the recap of the conversation with Sabertooth Retro on last weeks show in regards to Atari.io and the Club VCS challenges!
  10. Hello. I'm new around here but looking forward to checking things out. I wanted to share my Youtube channel with the community and let you know the Atari Weekly Podcast is at 9pm est on Thursdays. I talk about more than just the VCS especially if there's not much going on and will have guests, including game developers when I can get people scheduled. I also have free game give aways from time to time as well, so check it out. Thanks. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTMR0gG1rdiZS6DX6JEHNHQ
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