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  1. I was torn with this title. On the one hand, I understand the issues people have with the visual style, and it would have been nice to have more missions/ more different kinds of missions (different objectives like in Gravitar Recharged). That said, once they fixed the classic controller issue, I have found this game a lot more fun to play. Other issues aside, I do keep coming back to it because the overall gameplay is a lot of fun.
  2. There's always room for a Berserk clone on the VCS (hold us over till the recharged game). I'll check this out when I get home.
  3. Thanks for the heads up @Sabertooth, I appreciate it. I am a big fan of the game (and pretty much all of OP's games on the VCS), and I really liked the prospect of having a couch co-op game to play at home. I will try to reach out to the dev via the support email (I'm not on the discord or Twitter, so that's my best option). I'll be interested to see if you are able to recreate the issue at home. Thanks again.
  4. I was wondering,has anyone tried to play this game in co-op? I was playing co-op with my fiance recently and I noticed that the game would not save my progress the way it does when I play it single player. If I try to click on the "continue" button in the main menu, it takes me back to an older single player run that I started a while back. I even erased all my game data to start fresh, but I still can't get progress saved in co-op (the "continue" button just goes away). When playing 2-player, the game still says it saved when I enter a new level, but I can't access it later. Am I doing something wrong or is progress saving not supported when playing 2-player?
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