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  1. If someone is releasing a malware-laden installer for Tursi's Classic99, you should let him know so he can be aware of it.
  2. I didn't get a chance to vote, but this would've been my choice 🙂 I'll definitely get one when available.
  3. Thanks RickR. What's on the breadboard is an RTC board, and the chips are just glue/decoding logic so a progam can bit-bang the SPI interface to get/set time, etc. The RTC chip has some on-chip memory and a unique ID, has timers, and all the usual goodies. I used it in a design at work and thought it'd be a good add on to a board I'm making for the TI. I realize RTCs already exist for the TI, but I wanted to do it just for the fun of it.
  4. Well that was a while ago. Much more grey hair now 🙂 BTW the myti99.com website still exists, and I did make that 'artillery' game we discussed at the end 🙂
  5. Greetings fellow TI enthusiasts. This is my current system, looking a little ratty. It's pretty much dedicated to development since it has the best keyboard of the ones in my stash. My first original system was a non-QI beige version, purchased in late 1983 when the local K-mart had them for $50 as TI was exiting the market. 40 years ago. Unbelievable.
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