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"The MaximumRD Cuban Smack-Down"


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Agree! I am very happy and humble to be on board in a wonderful forum like Atari.IO. Already been over 4 months since I have joined this wonderful community. It is a troll free zone, no flame wars, no name calling, and other type of silliness. I give Justin and all the mods here an A+ on how they do everything here. Justin has done a fantastic job creating a wonderful website for all of us to have fun, talk video games, showcase your high scores/skills (which I have been obsessing lately), fun events, share our lives with everyone, and getting to bond with a bunch of members here who are like family.



Thank you!


Reading the responses in this thread is really inspiring. It's amazing what's been happening here. This feels like it's turned into a movement.


I've kept this thread open because it evolved into an honest conversation about flame wars, trolling, the mutual understanding we have with our members, and the lengths we are going to go to keep Atari I/O beautiful.


The next time something like this happens it won't be so dramatic. Calm waters make for smooth sailing. We'll quietly remove that person without incident and clean up the mess. We always do.


And here’s to our friends at Atari Age who I can assure you have a hard job also  :martini:


Game on.

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