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Computer Aspect Ratios PAL VS NTSC - The You're Not Stupid Guide


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Sharing a couple videos I really enjoyed  ;) He has a small channel but is very passionate so consider liking and subscribing him on youtube. While these videos are appropriate here there is much more for all retro fans, here is his channel description - A retro nerd channel with a primary focus on old computer/console games and hardware, with other old goodies like Super 8 films and whatever else I might like to talk about/show off. Computers/consoles covered will include the Amiga, DOS, NES, Genesis, Windows 3, Windows 98, SNES, and Master System.


Computer Aspect Ratios - Part 1 - PAL VS NTSC - The You're Not Stupid Guide

Published on Mar 4, 2016
99% of 320x200 Amiga games are shown incorrectly on YouTube. You're all doing it wrong! It's time to stop! Don't let history record these games in a way they were not meant to be recorded. This is the most concerning topic in the Amiga and all computer and console communities but nobody seems to care. I care. It is by far a more concerning topic in the Amiga world as all emulators default into PAL mode which shows NTSC games stretched into a wide screen type of format, which was actually how Europeans saw the games originally. This does not mean they were meant to be shown this way. In America games were designed and run on a 4:3 monitor and were meant to be seen this way. In this You're Not Stupid Guide I'm going to discuss this issue and show you how to show these games correctly. 
I truly believe this is an issue that needs to be discussed and at least discovered. If you're a member of a computer forum or page online then please share this video. This needs to get out there.
Part 1 focuses on the discussion of aspect ratios, going into great detail about why these games are meant to be shown in a 4:3 aspect ratio. I also show examples on a real Amiga 500 and show you how even a PAL Amiga could display these games correctly. 
Part 2 will show examples of Deluxe Paint videos made in the 1980's showing how the artists saw these games (in 4:3) back in the day and I will talk about an actual Amiga artist who says everyone is showing his games wrong. I will also go on WinUAE and show you how to display these games correctly on an emulator. 



Computer Aspect Ratios - Part 2 - PAL VS NTSC - The You're Not Stupid Guide

Published on Mar 18, 2016
In this 2nd part of the You're Not Stupid Guide on computer aspect ratios I'm going to discuss and show a video made in the 1980's showing Deluxe Paint (The program most Amiga/DOS artists used for games) in 4:3 filling the entire monitor. We are also going discuss a video where the artist for Defender of the Crown, Jim Sachs, says everyone is showing his games wrong online. We will then check out another Amiga resolution, medium res. Which is 640x200, A SUPER wide format, normally used for Workbench. Another example of a strange resolution designed to be shown in 4:3 - Lastly, we go head to head against someone who does not agree with me.




Enjoy more of Shot97's videos HERE


I am Rob aka MaximumRD aka OldSchoolRetroGamer and THIS is my world http://about.me/maximumrd

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Thank you so much Rob, hope I'm not getting annoyingly grateful, but as someone who really wants these North American Amiga games shown how the designers always wanted you to see them, I can't express how even the smallest act of sharing means a whole lot to me for these two videos. It's certainly a passion of mine, and thank you in advance to anyone who checks them out. Also, thank you for telling me about this community right here. Besides filling up long videos with my speech I have been known to write some words now and then. :) 

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