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EA NHL Rock the RINK


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Back in my heavy PS1 playing days I discovered this little gem. When it came to "sport" titles besides early Sega Hockey and Baseball games I leaned to more arcade type, think NBA JAM style. However I discovered this game and it never seemed to get much attention though me and my friends would have a blast playing it. Silly and stupid commentary, crazy moves and power ups, good modes and fights, VERY 90's lol, just a blast to play.


NOT MY VIDEO but a decent overall description and demonstration - 



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Totally with you on liking sports games that are more arcade in nature (and I meant to post as much in Clint's thread about what kind of modern games we want).


Games like NFL Blitz, NBA Jam, The Bigs, THPS2, etc., are generally far more fun to me than sports sims like Madden, MLB The Show, etc.  I don't think I've played Rock the Rink before, but it looks like it retains some of the same sensibilities as the old arcade game 2 on 2 Open Ice Challenge, by Midway, which I LOVED.  Now that I think about it, NBA Jam and NFL Blitz were also Midway games.


Anyway, I've wondered if my enjoyment of these kinds of games is an artifact of me being a gamer brought up in the older school, or if it's just a personal preference thing and not necessarily connected.

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