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Atari 5200 Guy

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Decision In The Desert.  I'm a HUGE Microprose fan!  My first encounter with the company wouldn't be until 1990-91 when I got my first IBM PC which was a 386.  My first Microprose game was Railroad Tycoon.  When I discovered recently that Microprose made Atari 8-bit games I've been on a hunt to track them down.  


So...if anyone knows how to play this game and can give me some pointers I'm all ears...or eyes in this case.  I'm looking forward to this.  After this game I have F-15 Strike Eagle to try for the first time as well.

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Both are GREAT games.   Decision is more or less like an avalon hill board game, and pretty tough so it just takes practice and good tactics.   F-15 was the first decent jet flight/combat simulator I spent time on.   I remember it having the copy protection of asking for text from the manual.  

"For you - Rowsdower from the 70 - have been appointed Omnivisioner of the Game Grid."  ~ Atari Adventure Square

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I really love the history that is behind these games.  And by "history" I mean the things like war which Decision In The Desert and F-15 are based on.  It's incredible!  I really wish that today's games would put that much into their products again.  And not so much as a collector's issue but just a standard, run of the mill, production release.  We need more games like these on modern consoles and computers...unless I'm missing them and haven't found them yet.

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