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Thought I'd share this with the community.  This is Luch Soft's first release for the Atari Lynx:  Weltenshchlachter.  The game can be ordered here:  www.luchs-soft.de/shop .  There was a initial run of 30 boxed carts that already sold out but this is not a limited release so anyone interested can still order it. 


The Story:  You are the pilot of a fighter plane of the United Confederacies and mother ships are setting up in front of you to block your path.  Break through the wall of defense and shoot at everything crossing your path, as well as the mother ship in order to get to the next level.  Randomly generated variations of enemies won't permit you to get used to a specific stage, so only pure skill will get you anywhere!  Reach the highest score possible within the time limit and destroy the attacking invaders in this stunning arcade shooter!


🖖 Going to the final frontier, gaming...

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